Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Netgear FS105 Network Switch Review

 Netgear FS105 Network Switch Review

If only all networking gear was as easy to use as the Netgear FS105, in the past setting up repeaters, and ICS on XP has left me smashing my head against a brick wall.

Not so with the Netgear FS105, I plugged it in and it worked striaght away, it does everything I want it to do without even telling it how, what a breath of fresh air.

My network is not complicated but it isn't that uncomplicated, and so I was most impressed.

I have a wireless netgear "g" router, with network storage, and wireless acess, then that is fed in to a ethernet over powerline adaptor which goes to the office in the garden, the power Ethernet then goes in to the FS105 where is handles two PCs and a printer over the network.

Al this is held together by the FS105, and it works great, couldn't recommended anything better.

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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

1394 Network? What is that.

1394 is another name for firewire, which is best used for bandwidth intensive applications and devices.

On my XW8000 it would appear that the 1394 network controller is some how co dependant on the LAN controller and as such disabling one will disbale the other (from BIOS).

I have had IRQL probs with this setup and have switched to an add in PCI lan card which wortks sweet as a nut.

Prior to this my network cabel wotlf "unplug" its self, and I would loose internet ethernet funtionality.

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