Monday, 23 January 2017

Bern Morrison Zip Mold Cycle Helmet Review

Bern Morrison Zip Mold Cycle Helmet Review - Intro

I have a massive / huge / disproportionately large head, and finding a cycle helmet (or any type of hat) that fits on this engorged melon has always been a problem.

The Bern Morrison advertised fitting a head circumference up to 63.5cm which is a tiny bit smaller than my dome, but it was the biggest I could find. If you know of nay bigger helmets please leave a comment.

Bern Morrison Zip Mold Cycle Helmet Review - Style

The helmet is a kind of mountain bikers, rough stuff tourer helmet. It has excellent ventilation holes, which add to the look, and keep the helmet fairly light.It sits quite low on the head, which I would consider a bonus. Here compared to a skate helmet which sits so low as to cover the eye brows.

Bern Morrison Zip Mold Cycle Helmet Review - Fit

Fit can be adjusted using the adjustment screw at the rear of helmet, although in my case I undid this all the way. The system seems to work well though, and grips the head well, when used.

The "clicks" or increments on the screw I guess stop it coming undone, but they might be considered a little large, and do not allow for VERY fine adjustment, if you were being fussy.

Bern Morrison Zip Mold Cycle Helmet Review - More Pictures

Rest fo pictures not used thus far:

Label show size, and measurements etc.

Visor helmet interface

View from Front

View from top / rear

View from top / front

View from Rear

Bern Morrison Zip Mold Cycle Helmet Review - Conclusions

The Bern Morrison is a very high quality helmet, it is not super light, and I think is designed for rugged, and constant use. The style is futuristic, and I very much like it is every way except. . . .my swollen shill has defeated yet another hat, it is just too small!

I would say they are sized a little on the small side. My head is 62cm circumfrance when measured with a builder tape measure. So this hat should fit, but it is tight.

Bern - Official Blurb

Bern’s premium cross-over helmet, the Morrison is equally at home in the urban jungle and on the trails. A hard visor, ample venting, and premium Boa adjustment system (new for 2016) make this lid stand out both functionally and stylistically. 

The 2016 Morrison features our new Zipmold+ and Boa retention system. Zipmold+ is our proprietary liquid foam construction that is thinner, lighter, and stronger than traditional EPS construction. This allows for certified and safe helmets with an ultra-low profile and fit. Designed with 16 vents there is more than twice as much airflow than Bern’s other leading bike models to keep one’s head cooler on those warmer summer days. The performance liner with adjustable dial allows for a customized fit with moisture control and is replaceable should one need to freshen up a bit. 

Bern Morrison Video

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Bosch GKS 190 Circular Saw Review

Bosch GKS 190 Circular Saw Review - Intro

I bought this saw from my local builders merchants. . . Jewson I think. . . and it was a good little saw for what I needed it for. I pushed this thing to its limits and is coped just fine. There are bigger more powerful saws around I am sure, and if you need to cut more than about 3" / 60mm thickness stuff then perhaps a bigger saw is what is required.

Bosch GKS 190 Circular Saw Review - In Use 

I was cutting 7" x 3" timber down the grain, this is slightly more than the maximum cut depth, and so I had to flip the timber and run the saw down the other side too. I did a whole pile of the timbers, and the saw although a little slow was not tedious to use.

Across the grain it cuts like an animal. Pretty much as quick as you could want. The saw comes with all the usual guides etc. If you are using the saw to cut along a line without the guide (which might be bad practice?) there is no slot in the rest plate that allows you to follow the line, so you have to make a mark with a permanent maker, and use that the line the saw up. 

Bosch GKS 190 Circular Saw Review - Photos

The Safety Switch is Activated with the thumb.

The saw has the normal clamps etc. for angled cuts.

The saw is quite wide, which may hinder some.

Some facts and figures.

The cuts depth is around 3"

Underside of circular saw.

The balde despite being large toothed give a clean cut.

Bosch GKS 190 Circular Saw Review - Conclusion

A good saw which I have tested do so prolonged and demanding cuts, power wise excellent. A great saw to use.

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Cannot Start Outlook: ".pst is in use"

Cannot Start Outlook: ".pst is in use"

This is a message that popped up this morning, when I opened oulook. Fixt it:

  1. Your .pst file is corrupted.
  2. Your .pst file is in use by another program.

1 - Your .pst file is corrupted.

There are plenty of good guides on how to repair your .pst file:

This can also help if outlook fails to index.

2 - Your .pst file is in use by another program.

After a few years of use a .pst file can become very large. Mine is currently at 9.0GB. This means that a backup / sync programs such as syncbac, can take several minutes to backup / sync the .pst file.

During this time you will receive the error message ".pst file in use", if you open outlook. 

Waste Transfer Station Permit
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Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Using a 3 Speed Switch on an EBike

Using a 3 Speed Switch on an EBike - Intro

When using an EBike normally the speed is controlled by:
  • Pedaling (with assistance from the motor)
  • Use of Throttle
So why would you require a 3 speed switch to control the speed as well? 

Using a 3 Speed Switch on an EBike - Types of 3 Speed Switch

There are lots of different types of 3 speed switch available, the most simple is shown below. 

Some are slightly more complex . . . 

The above model incorporates a "walk" mode and also  power level indicator for batteries. 

Using a 3 Speed Switch on an EBike - Why Use One?

When using pedal sensors the speed switch can be used to control the amount of exertion put in by the rider, over a certain speed you will have to do the work . . so you:
  1. Get more exercise
  2. Use less battery
On a bike with a throttle, the reasons are a little more complex. There are two main reasons for having one . . . 

1 - Helps control speed.

If you have ever tried to travel across rough ground whilst holding a throttle in a half open position, you will know that generally your hand wiggles around, cause the throttle to move and the bike to surge forward occasionally, because your wobbly hand is moving the throttle. 

By using a three speed switch you can set the speed at a low speed, and fully open the throttle. This makes for a smoother low speed experience on rough ground. 

This is also useful for kids, as you can limit the maximum speed they can use. 
If you find that the motor pulls the bike along at a speed which is too fast for you to pedal, then a switch can be used to slow the bike down to a speed where you can provide useful pedal assistance. Installing a cheap switch is easier and cheaper than changing the gearing of a bike. 

2 - May limit peak wattage and protect motor in steep climbs.

This reason depends on the controller you have installed, but the premise holds true for most controllers that allow for connection of a 3 speed switch. 

When you choose a lower speed, you are selecting a lower voltage, for example a 48v controller in low speed may deliver 24v.

All controllers have a maximum current that is supported. My controller for example has a 15 amp upper limit. So in low speed I have restricted my motor to 360w. And so in a steep climb using maximum amps, and therefore maintaining maximum torque there is a reduced chance of overheating the motor. 

This is of use when non technically minded people are riding an e bike in a hilly area. "You need to be on speed setting 1" for example is a lot easier than saying "third throttle ".

Questions I do not know the answer to:

When normally entering a steep hill at full speed, the bike will slow down as it climbs the hill. Without using a speed controller what is happening inside the motor? 

Are 48 volts and up to 720w trying to turn the motor, with non movement resulting in buildup of heat?


Does the controller adjust the voltage according to speed, ignoring throttle position, so as to reduce wattage, and reduce chance of overheating?

If you would like to learn more about the relationship between torque, amps and wattage < read this. 

Using a 3 Speed Switch on an EBike - Do they work on any ebike.

It is not the bike, that is important, but the controller. Look at the controller's wiring diagram. . . is there a connector labelled for "3 speed switch" or "speed switch"? If yes there is a good chance you will be able to use one.

The 3 speed switch that I purchased, worked fine with one controller but not with another.  

Using a 3 Speed Switch on an EBike - Notes 

It is worth noting that is you have an e bike that goes 15mph, the 3 speed settings will result in the following speeds:
  1. 17.5mph
  2. 15.0mph
  3. 12.0mph
So you have to be careful that installing a switch pushes you over your max allowable speed for road use. In my case I uninstalled my switch because in the high speed setting it made the bike illegal.

Using a 3 Speed Switch on an EBike - Conclusion

Part of me thinks that these switches are surplus to requirements, they serve no real purpose because the bikes speed can be controlled via the throttle.

BUT they do add in a extra option for controllability of the bike at a very low cost.