Monday, 17 September 2018

How to Build a Hovel

1 - Why Build a Hovel?

The pleasure of being outdoors is often spoiled by rain and cold weather. Those summer evenings when you sit and contemplate life over a glass of red wine, whilst listening to the birds and the wind in the trees start to become less frequent come late summer / early autumn.  

We all love a good shed, or a hut, or a log cabin, but these generally disconnect you from the outdoors. Enter the hovel! A quick to build open sided "structure" enabling you to enjoy the outdoors even when cold and rainy. 

A Bout 4 Hours to Build - Not Counting Stove

It is a nice place to go if you are an indoor worker. It is a "different" place to chill to signify a Friday. It is a bolt hole to escape from world pressures. 

2 - Where to Build a Hovel?

Not in plain site, these are ugly shelters that will annoy most people. Of course you could make a pretty one, but then it would take on another name like a gazebo or something. 

Something like this goes best in the corner of a garden partially obscured behind a large bush, or a short piece of fencing.

3 - How to Build a Hovel?

Build a shack or hovel with whatever you have to hand. You may need to buy some bits and bobs such as wood, plastic sheeting, screws. You also need a heat source, please see detail in Chapter 5.

4 - How I Built my Hovel?

I used a sheet of 8 x 4 ply, for a floor. You don't really need a floor, but it will keep your feet warmer in the winter. I used some willow staves for uprights, and cross pieces, and then screwed various corrugated sheeting off cuts on to three sides. I then stapled some woven polyester type material over one other side, leaving the front open. A plank of wood is used for a bench seat.

5 - Heating for your Hovel

Unless you live in Equatorial Guinea you will need a source of heat. I have made a chiminia type thing out of an old gas cylinder. There are lots of ideas for making a DIY wood stove, that you can follow, but most require welding.

However, mots towns have some one who can weld, you may live on the same street as a hobbiest that will weld for you, for a small fee. Ask around.

A balloon gas cylinder, and a few length of pipe is all you need. You could do the ducting you self with a hack saw blade, and then get someone to do the welding for you.

Ventilation ducting or steel down pipe make a cheap chimney. Because the sides of the hovel are open, air can circulate and so a few leaks may not matter too much, although wood smoke is full of carcinogens, and maybe CO1 so a good chimney is better.

6 - Video Tour of Hovel

7 - Conclusions

A fun project. Ask any question in comments please.

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Wednesday, 12 September 2018

TL-MR6400 Firmware Update - For Bandwidth Monitoring / QoS

TL-MR6400 Firmware Update - For Bandwidth Monitoring / QoS
Below is a chat string, in which I discovered that apparently you can update firmware to get bandwidth control. Note Sept 2019 : This was to "share out "the narrow bandwidth from 3G only data plan, you can now get unlimited 4G data plans with Vodafone, so I have swapped to that and no longer need to "share" bandwidth amongst devices. 
Jonil.A5:10 pmGood day to you! We will be glad to help you out with your inquiry.
KermitHi I have a TL-MR6400 and would like to throttle bandwidth in 3G/4G mode please. How do I do this. I have have version 2 firmware, which supports this in wirless only mode, does version 3 support in 3g 4g mode?
Please let me check
for this model, once that you are using a sim card on it, it will automatically switch from 3G to 4G, it depend on the signal that the router is getting from the cellular Provider
KermitNo you misunderstand. I wish to throttle bandwidth. Reduce bandwidth. I have a 50GB 4G data plan, and it is used up too fast.
Jonil.AI see
so what you mean is the bandwidth control
KermitCorrect :-)
Jonil.AOne moment
on this router you can allow specific data allowance per month
KermitI have seen that. But I would like to limit bandwidth, I thin this is also called QoS on some products. Can I create a "rule" to do that if so how please.
Jonil.Afor this is doesn't have option for it
WillWhat about version 3 of the firmware?
Jonil.Ayou can't update to the hardware version
the only thing that upgradable is the firmware
KermitYes. I have version 2. If I used Version 3 does this have QoS or Bandwidth Control?
Jonil.Alet me check
Yes the Version 3 has Bandwidth Control
KermitIs this for "4G" mode or "Wireless Router" mode?
I have read this page already.
Jonil.ABoth mode jas it
KermitI have a UK model TL-MR6400, can you send me a link for the correct firm ware please.
Jonil.Aone moment
Would there be anything else I can assist you today?
KermitThis link is for version 2 firmware. Can I install version 3?
Jonil.AThat is correct for V 2, no your router might got brick if you use the firmware from version 3
KermitFirmware Version:
1.0.12 Build 170627 Rel.66669n
Hardware Version:
MR6400 v2 00000000
Jonil.Athis it the latest version for you router
TL- MR6400(EU)_V2_180508
KermitOK Thank You Jonil.A. Have a nice day. I require no more help.
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Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Top 5 Garden Shredders

Top 5 Garden Shredders - Intro

I havn't actually used any of the below, but I have assembled this list based on internet reviews, and intended to purchase the one I think is best. We have quiet a large garden so I need one that will last, and is lower end industrial grade, although upper end domestic may suffice.

I typically buy branded stuff.

Top 5 Garden Shredders - Hyundai HYCH7070E - £800

Catchy name. Thsi shredder is a petrol powered offering from well know manufacturer Hyundai, it has a 7hp engine and looks like it can kick bottom.

Top 5 Garden Shredders - The Handy PDS65 - £700

Another petrol beast. This employs a flail to mash feed material. I have used flails shredder before the have a tendency to get clogged because they cut in line with the grain of the wood producing long fibers which wrap around the cutting drum.

Top 5 Garden Shredders - BOSCH AXT 25TC - £400

This shredder gets good reviews and is also quiet. Bosch normally make pretty good stuff, so you could take reassurance from that.

Top 5 Garden Shredders - Makita UD2500 - £300

Perhaps similar quality to the Bosch, but less payout for name.

Top 5 Garden Shredders - Titan TTB353SHR - £80

A very cheap offering that get very good reviews.

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List of Cool Artists

Work in Progress, just somewhere for me to keep record of stuff I like:

Philip Alexius de László

Lindsay Rapp


Slava Prishedko

Rémi LaBarre