Monday, 30 April 2012

Trail Fix / Repair for Ripped Tire Sidewall

Trail Fix for Ripped Tire Sidewall
A punture repair kit will probably not fix a torn / cut sidewall on a bike tyre. But with a selection of things that you may or mat not have on you you will be able to get home.

I used a bit of strap to fix my tear but a strip of cloathing, or a string or thin rope would probaly work.

1 - Fix the inner tube puncture, probably you will need a new inner tube, if has burst out through side wall.

2 - Put in new inner tube, but don't inflate.

3 - Get you string, strap (what I used) or strip of clothing and tyre it around the tyre and tube at the point of the tear, try and ensure that the tear is covered. Tie the knot so the tyre is a little bit squashed.

4 - Pump up the tyre, as you inflate the string, strap or strip of cloathing will bite in to the tyre which will stop it moving around, and hopefully the inner tube will not be able to "escpae".

I used this method on a heavely loaded bike, with a 90kg rider, and it got me the 7 miles back home no worries, and would have done 5 times that.

Just watch that you don't leave long bits of string or strap hang out that can get caiught up and lock up the rear wheel. I have explained this for the sake of it. If you try it then that is your problem.