Tuesday, 11 June 2019

Suntour NEX E25 - Review

Suntour NEX E25 - Review - Intro

 Suntour NEX E25 suspension forks are a suspension fork especially designed for use on e-bikes, presumably the 25kmh standard. I am not using these on an ebike. The forks are more heavily make to account perhaps for:

  • A heavier bike
  • a heavier rider
  • harder braking  
The forks have the following dimensions:

  • Tire Clearance - 54mm
  • Axle to Crown - 738mm
  • Stanchion size - 30mm 

Suntour NEX E25 - Review - Use

The are suitable for "casual off road and paved road use".  I have used them off-road over very bumpy stuff, and I way 90kg / 15 stone.

I should note that prior to trying this fork, I was using the CR-8, a low end fork, even compared to this NEX E25 Fork which is worlds better.

These forks are slightly stiffer sprung, requiring less turns of the pre-load adjustment to make them good for riding. The lock out is a good feature.

Perhaps the most notable addition is damping, which stops the front of bike bouncing back up when you go over a hard bump.

I have ridden just 4 or 5 miles of off road on these forks, they do the job, thats all I can say.

The lock out is handy if you are stand up pedalling up a hill, but other then that I leave the forks unlocked.

Suntour NEX E25 - Review - Guts

The specs from the suntour website give all manner of variations on these forks. In fact even afetr careful study I am not sure what model I have.

If you are not sure what you have best to head over the suntour website and look at the exploded views. Fairly sure this model below is what I have, but there are 4 other models some without lockout, and some with two coils.

Flood Risk Reports

Environmental Permit Applications 

Unlike the CR-8 this fork has damping which is a good feature to have! Even just for the 28" variants there are the follow models to wade through:

  •  SF17-NEX-E25-DS-15QLC32-700C-50,63-(2).pdf
  • SF17-NEX-E25-DS-HLO-15QLC32-700C-63-(2).pdf
  • SF17-NEX-E25-DS-LO-15QLC32-700C-50,63-(2).pdf
  • SF15-NEX-E25-DS-700-50,63-(1).pdf
  • SF15-NEX-E25-DS-HLO-700-50,63-(1).pdf
  • SF15-NEX-E25-DS-HLO-700C-63-CTS.pdf
  • SF14-NEX-E25-P-700-50,63-(2).pdf
  • SF14-NEX-E25-P-HLO-700-50,63-(1).pdf

Suntour NEX E25 - Review - Guts 

In conclusion these are a great set of forks, which I purchased for £30 from discount bikes de,  their retail price is about £70 at which point you could probably find any number of forks to choose from, of a similar or better specification.

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