Friday, 30 September 2011

Where Fluther Fails

A real life story about Fluther.

An answers site based on jelly fish. . . must be fairly liberal right? Wrong.

Fluther is different to so many other answers sites in that it DOES NOT allow linking to relevant content, references or further learning resources.

I run a number of websites that aims to give people information and advice on the environment, its practical advice, and many of the pages are based on questions I commonly see whilst writing on answers sites, yahoo answers , aol answers, blurtit, wiki answers,

I consistently receive best answers in these other sites, I do a thorough job of answering questions, and this means pointing people in the direction of further learning resources, wikipedia, and some of my own web content, I don't even advertise on most of my sites.

Fluther time. So you can imagine my annoyance after spending a couple of hours answering questions on fluther to find fluther had seen fit to bin my answers. I only ever answer questions on the environment because I am educated in that area, so it was the links that were the problem, not the answer content.

So if you intend to use Fluther for SEO purposes, whilst paying your way with your hard earnt expertise, don't bother, the site is run by completely inflexible people, who run a dictatorship disguised as a "community", wikipedia is a community, yahoo answers is a community, fluther is under totalitarian rule. So give it a miss.

I look forward to Fluther's demise.

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Friday, 23 September 2011

Kenda Cross Plus Semi Slick Tyre Review (26 x 1.95)

Kenda Cross Plus Semi Slick Tyre Review (26 x 1.95) K847Kenda Cross Plus Semi Slick Tyre - Usage

These kenda cross plus tyres have replaced my continetal sports contact tyres now the winter is here and the roads are getting a bit more slippy, especially country lanes with mud and cow muck.Kenda Cross Plus Semi Slick Tyre - Fitting

They are pretty wide at 1.95" and onlt just fit inside my mudguards / fenders, although I could adjust them for more room, so don't let this put you off. With a max psi 0f 65psi, they roll very well, in fact the differernce between these an the continental tyres, is very small, if any at all.

Kenda Cross Plus Semi Slick Tyre - Performance

They are slightly noisier than the continenetal sports contact tyres, but the kenda cross plus are VERY quiet compared with normal nobblers / mtb tyres.

Yesterday I cycled a 20 mile round trip on road, tracks, bridle ways and carried 4 panniers worth of shopping home (35kg), and they performed well.

Kenda Cross Plus Semi Slick Tyre - PriceThis is the best bit!! these tyre are soooooo cheap, they cost me £5.99 each from rutland cyling (ebay UK).
Kenda Cross Plus Semi Slick Tyre - OverallI if you are in the market for some tyres that do everyting then buy these, they are cheap, look resonably made, grip well (ish) in mud (not to good on wet rock), and roll very well on the road, I cycle 90% on road, but have found that a fully slick tyre will send you flying if you hit some mud on a corner. These prevent that happening whilst keeping rolling resistance low. The price is excellent.

UPDATE - April 2012I have now been using this tyres for 7 months approx, and after a mystery puncture, I found that the side wall had perished and the the nylon beading was degraded some how, the inner tube popped out and . . .bang.

Now this may have been caused by my brake block rubbing on the tyre, but I think I would have heard it, can't say for sure. These tyres have drop a few notches in my estimation.

Still the front one is still fine and going strong with little signs of wear, and when you consider the price, still fairly good. Less than £1 a month!

One thing to consider is puncture resistance, which is not very good on these kenda cross tires. A set of schwable big apples will set you back 2 to 3 times the amount, but you will have considerably less punctures I have not had any puncture in a year running schwable tires.

More Reviws for this tyre from mtbr USA

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Thursday, 22 September 2011

BT Customer Services - 0800 800 154

Please find below the customet service number for BT British Telecom.

Call BT

Please phone us on: 0800 800 154

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