Thursday, 20 February 2014

Bicycle Child Seats for Older Kids

Bicycle Child Seats for Older Kids - Intro

Since starting school our 5 year old daughter is whacked out at the weekends, sports, music lessons, swimming lessons . . .  .so to the get her to cycle miles on a Saturday . . .I don't think that is really fair. The problem is I normally like to go for a bike ride on Saturday, but now she is getting too big for a bicycle child seat what shall I do?

Bicycle Child Seats for Older Kids - Solutions

Basic seats as used in Italy.

There are a number of child seats out there aimed at the 5 - 10 year old market, most of which coming from Europe. A recently holiday to a flat part of Italy saw our hired bikes with rear sets that I could have probably sat in myself.

What is available.

Ordered in Ascending Price

Yepp Mini Ahead

Yepp Mini Ahead - £59.99 (sale) Wiggle

GMG 6+ Child Bike

GMG 6+ from Practical Cycles - £60

Bobike Junior Child bicycle Seat

Bobike FA003535007

 So as you can see the seats are expensive, even a cheapish one from italian ebay! Still £45 with postage.

Monday, 10 February 2014

Park Tools Floor Pump Review PFP-8 or PFP8

Park Tools Floor Pump Review PFP-8 or PFP8 - Intro

I spend most of my time obsessing over hub gears so I really did surprise myself by buying this pump. Fact is: It's superb.

Logic wise running your tyres at the correct pressure is pretty much the second port of call, after checking your brakes work. So why skimp on a pump, £20 could buy this beauty.

PFP-8 - Nice Colour / Color - Nice Price

Park Tools Floor Pump Review PFP-8 or PFP8 - Features

The main reason this pump caught my eye was the far out looking pressure gauge, which is neat.

Other cool features which I found out about after wards are;

The excellent valve connector, which fits on to Presta & Schrader valves with zero faffing.

 And the switch for clipping the head on to the valve is nice to use, clips on firmly and has worked every time, first time.

Finally its has spares available for purchase. Imagine that!

Park Tools Floor Pump Review PFP-8 or PFP8 - Conclusion

For the price of an extra large stuffed crust pizza you could buy one of these pumps. Have beans on toast for tea and use the money saved to buy one, it will make your life better.
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