Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Schwalbe Energizer Pro Tire Review

Schwalbe Energizer Pro Tire Review - Intro

If you have ever used google product search to look for cheap schwalbe tires no doubt you have stubled upon these suspiciously cheap marathon cloans with green gaurd for under £10. And wander why are they so cheap. I have.

These tires are meant to be used on electric bikes (e bikes), and are rated for high speed use. So surely this makes them better quality than standard non e-bike tires?

Should you risk it for a biscuit? Or are the doubts flooding in.

Schwalbe Energizer - High Quality for Cheap?

Schwalbe Energizer Pro Tire Review - Size Options

These come in 1.75" for the 26" . . . and thats it. So not much choice there (two widths for 700c).

I opted for these to go with some narrow-ish  mudguards I purchased a few years back. 50mm if you are interested.

Being a bit of a tart I really didn't like the way these tires looked, too thin.

Schwalbe Energizer - A Sensible Tread

Schwalbe Energizer Pro Tire Review - Puncture Resistance

Don't risk a puncture. Now I didn't actually use these for very long, perhaps only 50 miles, but I can say that green guard on my other tires works very well. No punctures in 2 years. Green guard is a 3mm thick latex insert that site between the tread and the tube, the idea is that is stops things poking through . . and unlike race guard it works.

Schwalbe Energizer  - Plus = Green Gaurd

Schwalbe Energizer Pro Tire Review - Fitting and In Use

These were a little tight to fit. Maybe I have wide rims which made it tricky.

In use I found the ride a little dead. Like my tires were under inflated, this set up was much lighter to them tires which went on next (Schwalbe Big Apples 2.35 - with down hill tubes), yet the bike felt more sprightly despite of it.

I have often thought that my folding bike feels "dead" to ride and have put this down to small wheels. However it might be the green guard.

The tires are extremely quiet, almost eerily so, I have never ridden on such a quiet tire.

Grip was good, on a multitude of surfaces, road, tracks, muddy tracks, wet grass. So no complaints there.

Schwalbe Energizer Pro Tire Review - Where to Buy

Discount Bikes De or Rose Bikes for super cheap.

Schwalbe Energizer Pro Tire Review - Conclusion

For - Cheap. High Quality. Puncture Resistant. Quiet (very).

Against - Dead Ride. Limited Sizes.

Schwalbe Energizer Pro Tire Review - Stock Pictures

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