Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Fastest CPU for XW6400 and XW8400

Fastest CPU for XW6400 and XW8400

Whilst on ebay a week or so ago I noticed that there were some used processors for sale that I might try in my XW8400.

This page might also be interesting if you have a Max Pro 2, as these use the same generation of processors as the XW8400, also the Dell Precision 490. However I do not own a Mac or  Dell!

In the quick specs document, the XW8400 and the XW6400 are shown as using:

At present I am using 5160 which is a 3 GHZ , 1333 FSB, 4 MB, 771 Processor

52XX (5200) and 54XX (5400) Series CPUs in XW8400 and XW6400

Since the release of my XW8400, HP have launched the XW8600, and its little sister XW6600.

These use the processor families (THEY DO NOT WORK):

Now the faster of these newer processors use a 1600FSB which I thought might cause problems, if I were to try it on my XW8400. But some of the newer processors use a 1333FSB. So I thought I would try one of those.

The cheapest I could find on ebay that would have improved performance on my machine was the X5260, which is a 3.33 GHZ , 1333 FSB, 6 MB, 771 Processor. I bought 2 for £5 each so throw away money really.

THEY DO NOT WORK. I tried both just to make sure and the machine will not start, I replaced the original processors and she booted. So that is a shame no upgrades for me. I would 99% assume therefore that all 5200 series processor will not work. And I would 95% assume that all 5400 processors will not work.

So what are the fastest Xeons for the XW8400 and XW6400?

So to conclude the fastest processors for the XW8400 and XW6400 are:
BUT BUT BUT What is this I see? HP mention a processor - Xeon 5170 at 3.33GHZ . . .  .

Well it is not listed on the Intel website so rather disappointingly this is either a typo, or a ghost CPU!

Thorpy's Recommendation

If you are undertaking very CPU intensive operations such as video rendering or such like, then it may be worth getting quad core processors. However, the XW8400 at least works very well with a 5160 processor. This is very noticeable when doing normal computer use (opening and closing apps etc.) A 5160 can be had cheaply on ebay as can a heat sink.

If you are thinking of installing one quad core, I would recommend installing 2 dual cores. This will not only be cheaper, but it will help cooling. You will spread the heat load over two heatsinks.

I have not tried the 5365 (quad 3.0ghz) processor, but I have tried the 2.66 ghz 5355. I found them to be noticable slower during open cloase working, and they run much hotter. In fact I think I burnt out a mother board on one of my xw8400's due to over heating*.

*Rebuilding 16GB outlook data base unattended, on a hot summers day with non-standard low noise CPU fan.. . . your choice. 

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