Monday, 7 March 2016

Vitamin C Content of Fruit Juices

Vitamin C Content of Fruit Juices - Intro

Although you can find out various Vitamin C Contents for Fruit Juices, on different web pages, there is no single place where you can compare a good number of differenet juices. Please find below table which I hope is handy.

Vitamin C Content of Fruit Juices - Comparison

All the below are based on 100ml of juice. A normal glass holds about 200ml, a pint is roughly 550ml. A typical serving size would be 200 ml.

Orange Juice - 50 mg

Apple Juice - 0.9 mg

Pineapple Juice - 44 mg

Tomato Juice - 18 mg

Grapefruit Juice - 38 mg

Cranberry Juice -  9.3 mg

Vitamin C Content of Fruit Juices - Longer List 

Orange juice, frozen concentrate, unsweetened, undiluted -137.9
White guava, frozen pulp  - 136.0
Red guava, frozen pulp - 56.0
Grapefruit juice, white, frozen concentrate, unsweetened, undiluted - 119.8
Papaya raw -  61.8
Orange juice, raw - 50.0
Pineapple and grapefruit juice drink, canned - 46.0
Lemon juice, raw - 46.0
Cranberry juice cocktail, bottled - 42.3
Grapefruit juice, pink and white, raw - 38.0
Orange juice, canned, unsweetened - 34.4
Orange juice, chilled, includes from concentrate - 32.9
Grape drink, canned  - 31.4
Grapefruit juice, white, canned, unsweetened - 29.2
Mango raw-  27.7
Lemon juice, canned or bottled - 24.8
Pineapple and orange juice drink, canned - 22.5
Tangerine juice, canned, sweetened-  22.0
Apricot raw - 10.0
Pineapple juice, canned, unsweetened, without added ascorbic acid - -10.0
Kiwi raw - 9.3
Lime juice, canned or bottled, unsweetened - 6.4
Passion fruit frozen pulp - 4.3
Prune juice, canned - 4.1
Apple juice, canned or bottled, unsweetened, without added ascorbic acid - 0.9

Vitamin C Content of Fruit Juices - References

Self Nutrition Data 



Effect of Dissolved Oxygen 

Vitamin C Content of Fruit Juices - Conclusion

It would appear that orange juice has the most vitamin c out of the commonly drank juices. It is worth pointing out that the peel of the orange that we usually throw away contains 136 mg, and if the fruit is organic is perfectly OK to eat if chewed well.