Thursday, 22 March 2012

Sun RhynoLite XL 26" (559) MTB All-Mountain Rim Review

Sun RhynoLite XL 26" (559) MTB All-Mountain Rim Review

This is a heavey duty rim for either serious abuse, ie on the trail or dirt jump, or if you have a wife and kids, maybe you just want a rim that looks like it will last when you are bringing the groceries home.

The Sun RhynoLite XL is avaible in 36 or 48 hole. A 48 hole rim is a lovely option. But I wanted to match the Sun RhynoLite XL with an existing hub. I did a straight swap for a mavic 221. which was unsucessful on the rear wheel due to spoke lengths, but worked a treat (for some reason) on the front wheel, with about 2 threads showing on each spoke.

The Sun RhynoLite XL is a one of the cheapest heavey duty rims there is, which is why I bought it, I am not a brilliant wheel builder and so I didn't want to splash out on mavic EX271 and see it going to waste.

The rim is very wide, in other reviews I have heard that tires are hard to get on and off. I didn't experince this, although you do have to use a tire lever just to finish off, no big deal. If you had strong hands you may be able to pop them on sans lever.

So for £30 from SJS cycles I have a very strong wheel, which is mostly thanks to this very solid rim. Fingers crossed it will last as long as my Mavic 221s which did me for around 6 years.

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