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Origin 8 Drop Bar End Review

Origin 8 Drop Bar End Review

Origin 8 Drop Bar End - Applications

The origin 8 drop bar end enables the owner of a mountain bike or hybrid bike to enjoy the multiple riding positions offered by drop / aero bars without the need for a steering and braking system overhaul.

The clamps on the drop bar end are 22.2mm meaning they will fit on a standard mtb or hybrid bar.

Origin 8 Drop Bar End - Alternatives

The use of "proper" drop bars on an MTB will mean the that controls (brake and gear levers) will have to be swapped or bodged in order to fit. A MTB bar is 22.2mm, whilst a drop bar is 23.8mm, so you will have to file down the interior of the brake levers and gear levers to achieve a good fit.

 As you can see from the above picture it is possible to use MTB levers in the drop position but you will need long fingers to reach them safely.

 Origin 8 Drop Bar End - Costs

These  Origin 8 Drop Bar Ends cost £25 from SJS cycling (and £6 for grip tape). So they are not really a cheap option even if you choose to use you MTB controls as pictured above. By way of comparison a set of proper drop handle bars costs £12, but you will need levers with wider clamps. Tektro RL520 V levers are the cheapest I can find (SJS cycles) at £18.

Tektro Tektro RL520 Aero V Brake Levers - Black 
So provided you have a corectly sized stem (31.8mm oversize), and are willing to partially destroy you gear levers (file down interior to enlarge from 22.2 to 23.8mm) then I would go for a proper set of drops. The origin 8 drop bar ends may be convenient, but you will have to buy proper drop levers, so you may as well may a good job of the upgrade. If the origin 8 drop bar ends were a bit cheaper, then maybe this would be different.

 Origin 8 Drop Bar End - Other Considerations
Many associate the use of drop handle bars with racing zoom zoom zoom. But I am building a bike for comfort. The brief period I have used these origin 8 drop bar end for has made me realize that drop bars are really comfy. As you can see I have them mounted rather high up! On Thorn Mt Tura Forks.

So after this experiment I have decide to get some proper drop bars on mtb and associated brake levers, and do the job properly. I would urge you to do the same, it will not costs that much extra. If you revert to straight bars you could always shim your gear levers.

Update: One thing to consider is that drop bars are a lot narrower than MTB bars. So with these you get to keep the width, and still get the drop "experience".

Origin 8 Drop Bar End
Reviewed by Kermit Green on Oct 12 2012
Rating: 5.0


  1. Or you can just buy 22.2mm drop bars from PureFix and mount your MTB fittings straight on...

  2. Fab article. I am considering something like this - to give me a lower position for descents on long rides (free speed = longer ride before exhaustion!)

  3. Yes I suppose you are right. You could interchange these with bar ends depending on the type of riding you were doing. I found them OK, but not being able to get to the brakes is a bit worrying . . .

  4. You could get a pair of those little cx brakes and put them in the cable run. Sjs cycles (?) has a pic of the Origin 8 drop bar ends set up like this, with "double" brakes, cx style. If you want to see such a setup close up, nip up to Halfords and look at a Boardman CX.

  5. I had a set of "cross tops" for a while, they are the inline brake levers (?), they were OK but I found they used to jam open, especially on the rear brake, where the pull from the return spring on the rear disc caliper was too weak to cloase the lever.

  6. that steerer tube is wack homie

  7. Why thank you! It certainly ain't vanilla, or some junk bro.