Friday, 3 August 2012

La Marquise Hotel - Rhodes

La Marquise Hotel - Rhodes - Review

Poor Food and Management let this place down. If you can book it for cheap then why not, but don't pay full price you will be disappointed.

La Marquise Hotel - Rhodes - GOOD

1 - The Pool - Best one I have been in.

2 - The Staff (Not Management) - Waiters / Waitresses, Cleaners, Porters all really talkative and happy despite the heat and being totally overstretched.

La Marquise Hotel - Rhodes - BAD

1 - Food - Although this would be good quality for a 3 star hotel the good is not 5 star quality. Evening meals were very repetitive, and there was no juice included with breakfast only orange squash, I would have settled for concentrated juice and been happy with that. . . who drink squash for breakfast?

2 - Noise - Who ever designed this hotel was obviously not having a good day, in the family suite we were staying in the noise from upstairs was terrible, the scrapping of furniture and voices could be plainly heard, and we were woke up (not the kids though) early and kept up late. I am not a light sleeper. This was due (I suspect) to upstair floor tiles being laid directly on to a concrete floor slabs. Not clever.

3 - Location - Don't expect to walk any where from this hotel, you are marooned or paying for taxis. It is a 7 minute walk to the beach which is doable, but they do keep this quiet.

4 - Management - It was peak season and I so I was expecting everything to be overstretched, but the poor cleaning ladies looked fit to drop, they were running between rooms in 40 degree heat, and our bedlinen was unchanged for a 7 day stay, dirty glasses and cups were left in the room for 3 days. This isn't the poor cleaning ladies fault, the management should hire more cleaners, I think there are plenty of people looking for jobs in Greece at the moment . .

If I had paid 3 star prices for this hotel I would have come back home happy . . .

Illustrator Devon