Wednesday, 10 April 2019

How to Download Older Version of Foxoit Phantom PDF

How to Download Older Version of Phantom PDF

If you are experiencing difficulties with  a particular version of PhantomPDF from Foxit, then it may help to install an older version which perhaps matches you activation key.

At present the oldest version of Foxit PhatomPDF avaiable is 5.5.6 which is available on the Foxit Software Website.

But if you require an older version then you will need to following the following method:

1 - Paste Link

This link will download version 5.5.6.

2 - Change Version

Copy and paste the above link in to your browser. You will need to change the red numbers above to suite the version that you have.

So for example if you require version 5.1.2 then you would need to edit the link to:

For a list of versions click visit Foxit PhatomPDF versions page.

3 - Hit Enter 

Press enter, you download should start.

If you have an questions please ask in the comments section below, I may take a few day to get back to you.

This did not fix my problem, the measure area tool stopped working, and I thought a roll-back to an older version might help. It did not.

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