Tuesday, 27 October 2015

James Bond - Spectre - Review

James Bond - Spectre - Review

The opening scene that we all know and love comes to us from "day of the dead" in Mexico City. Here Bond is pursuing an assassin with a greasy unkempt pony tail, one glance at that oiled tangle of hair and we instantly wish him dead. There is a lovely opening sequence where he is walking over the roof tops casually adjusting his shirt cuffs, and unfolding a nasty looking assault weapon. Various exploits ensue including an exploding building and a brief rest on a conveniently placed sofa. Some of these bits are a little CGI heavy for my taste, but very enjoyable non the less.

The titles (you know naked ladies covered in syrup etc.) are visually stunning with the usual girls and guns, but also a large octopus. My favorite bit was the beauties with squid ink hair, which looked amazing. Whoever thought of squid ink hair should get a medal. Sam Smith provides the vocals, and the song is ideal.

I will get my only negative point out of the way now; that is the running themes of the Danial Craig films almost becomes a bit repetitive. Again we see the female protagonist (2) telling bond he "has a choice" and doesn't have to be a spy. This is all a bit Vespa. Also we see continued the distrust between M (now a man) and Bond, this is confusing as they ended Skyfall on such good terms . . .  .

The globe trotting in the film is extensive Mexico, Mountains (Alps?), Chile (Perhaps), Italy (Rome), London (Obviously) and Austria (Why not?). In what other film would see a car chase interrupted to linger on the views across Rome. . . only Bond!

The humor in the film is just great. The cinema rippled with laughter on numerous occasions. This spurred from the following:
  • Malfunctioning Car Gadgets
  • Name Calling between M and C
  • Bond's Dislike of Health Drinks
The film makers are obviously starting to enjoy them selves a bit more, and the realism of the film gives way to crazy stunts and very unusual chase scenes (think twin engine plane chasing land rovers, whilst sliding across snow with no wings).

Monica Bellucci has a fairly small role, although she looks hot as hell. Lea Seydoux is a great bond girl, and looks fairly convincing whilst running about, and stunning in roughly 10 changes of outfits. Regarding running about: This is not easily done. Remember Denise Richards in World is not enough, her running about was terrible, very unnatural. This curse befalls Jennifer Laurence in Hunger Games also. So well done Lea for convincing brisk on-screen movement.

The problem I have with going to see any bond film is that I have such high expectations. . . . the fact is that this film is easily as good as any of the other films. I love all the bond films (even Diamonds are Forever!), and although a young family + lack of baby sitters prevents a 2nd viewing, I am very much looking forward to DVD o'clock, where upon I an absorb the quirks which make a Bond Film , a Bond Film.

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