Wednesday, 17 October 2018

How to Fix Broken USB Charging Socket

If you are plugging a charging lead in to a socket and it is not work, it may be the socket itself, perhaps the contacts have become worn or damaged.

You should first try a few different charging leads to see if this helps. Also some devices need more than 0.5A current to charge so try a wall socket charger, rather than a USB socket on a computer.


The problem here is that when you try to remove the old socket ( I presume female micro USB) you may damage the board.

You will need a soldering iron and solar and buy a cheap micro usb lead from ebay with a female socket. If you use a lead you will avoid any mismatch in sizes, as the lead is bendy. Strip the wires and solder these on to the solder blobs at the rear of the broken socket. Another option might to be bend open the socket and solder on to the contacts inside there.

Before yo do this you will need to drill a hole for the lead and thread it through. Tie a knot in th lead to stop it pulling against the solder. Knot should rest on inside of casing with slack to prevent pulling on solder joints. Seal around cable with glue of some sort. Best silicone.

So best case you would end up with female lead poking out of casing. Which you can then charge into.

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Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Arty Emojis

Art Emojis

Please find below a selection of arty Emojis you are free to copy these for whatever reason you like. They are my own images.

Arty Emojis - Delirious Emoji

Arty Emojis - Worried Emoji

Arty Emojis - Angry Emoji


Arty Emojis - Alien Emoji

Arty Emojis - Stupid Emoji

Arty Emojis - Scream Emoji

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