Monday, 13 May 2019

List of Environmental Blogspot Blogs

List of Environmental Blogspot Blogs

CST Laser Trackball CST2545W-RC Review

CST Laser Track Ball CST2545W-RC Review

This CST Laser Track Ball Review CST2545W-RC is a heavily built large offering, which is made in the UK, it will set you back about £120 if you are buying this in the UK. It is probably worth it if you are having posture related issues, such as shoulder pain as it removes all requirements for you to push a mouse with tense shoulders all day.

The video above shows the trackball in use with me narrating on the task I am performing. There are some advantages, and some disadvantages.

Pros - Comfort and "Throw and Catch"

The comfort is good. There is no need to tense you shoulder or upper arm. I found this aspect to provide more comfort from the outset.

When moving the pointer from one side of the desktop to the other you can throw and catch the ball. This is demonstrated in the above video.

Cons - Learning Period & Drag and Drop

It takes a while to learn how to manipulate your hand so as to achieve a drag and drop. You will be using all-sorts of muscles in you forearm that you may not be used to using, and this can take time to get used to.

I tried out "click lock" for a while to see if this would help but it didn't. The DPI setting I have also left of default.

Some Photos



This is well worth the switch to improve comfort and posture, I would hesitate to make the switch if not required for practical reasons, not because it is not good to use a trackball but because you will burn up some time learning to use it.

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Wednesday, 10 April 2019

How to Download Older Version of Foxoit Phantom PDF

How to Download Older Version of Phantom PDF

If you are experiencing difficulties with  a particular version of PhantomPDF from Foxit, then it may help to install an older version which perhaps matches you activation key.

At present the oldest version of Foxit PhatomPDF avaiable is 5.5.6 which is available on the Foxit Software Website.

But if you require an older version then you will need to following the following method:

1 - Paste Link

This link will download version 5.5.6.

2 - Change Version

Copy and paste the above link in to your browser. You will need to change the red numbers above to suite the version that you have.

So for example if you require version 5.1.2 then you would need to edit the link to:

For a list of versions click visit Foxit PhatomPDF versions page.

3 - Hit Enter 

Press enter, you download should start.

If you have an questions please ask in the comments section below, I may take a few day to get back to you.

This did not fix my problem, the measure area tool stopped working, and I thought a roll-back to an older version might help. It did not.

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Monday, 11 March 2019

Humpert Ergotec Handlebar Safety Levels

Humpert Ergotec Handlebar Safety Levels

This is not so much a review of the handle bar, after all this £5 offering from humpert is a piece of steel tube, and there is very little to say about it. The finish was OK, and it was not bent or anything.

However, the packing left me wondering what I could actually use this handle bar for, as it indcated that my handle bar for "Safety level 3" . . . what does that mean? Well don't google "humpert" google for "ergotec" as that is a brand apparently.

So the packaging arrived labelled Ergotec, safety level 3 in prominent location.  Which means apparently I cannot use this bar for trekking if I weigh more than 120kg. And I cannot use it on a mountain bike. So which Humpert bars can I use on a mountain bike? This is conspires is hard to fin out. 

 If you visit the ergotec website you can sort handlebars available, by there safety level. However to then find the appropriate handle bar for sale, is tricky as most of the handlebars has generic names such as "flat bar".

Things then start to get ugly as we realise that  this flat bar is available is 3 different material choices each with a different safety level.

 So in summary the only way you can find a humpert / ergotec bar of the appropriate safety level is to go on the ergotec website and cross reference you purchase with the past number.

"Arty" / Pointless  Picture of Handle Bar Inside

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Beware of the "Friendly" Pheasant

Beware of the "Friendly" Pheasant - Intro

Around the  middle of march (early sping in the UK) you may ntoice that pheasants become "friendly" they are not becoming friendly at all. 

I had not seen this behaviour before, and naturally I tried feeding the pheasant and gave it a name. But I had misread the situation the pheasant was becoming territorial. 

I am no expert, I declare this now. But when I came near the pheasant it started making noises which you can hear in the attached video. These could be a warning signal.

Any hoo, about 2 weeks after I shot this video, the pheasant attacked by daughter, it bit here on the finger, and when I heard screams I went see what was happening. The pheasant for repeatedly jumping at her with its talons, and whether the screaming encouraged this, or whether it was because she was bit smaller than me I am not too sure. 

The pheasant was jumping around 80cm to a 100cm from the ground, this would have been easily high enough to to claw our toddler in the face, so we made a concerted effort to show the pheasant who was boss, stciks and kicking etc. and it has not been back. 

So beware the "friendly" pheasant he is not as friendly as you would think!

Which Suntour Forks are Safe for Off-Road Use?

Which Suntour Forks are Safe for Freeride & Downhill Use?

It is not imminently clear when buying a bike with Suntour Fork whether they are rated for off-road use. Many of the lower end off road forks, come with stickers saying "not suitable for freeride or downhill" or as below

Sticker says "Do not use for free ride, down hill, dirt jumper or any hard riding" This is primarily for insurance purposes. p.s. What is hard riding? LOL

The below table shows the intended uses for each type of fork that Suntour sell. The table is a little out of date so might not include newest forks. The table can be found in the General Fork Manual Suntour.

Forks covered include:

  • XCM
  • XCT
  • NEX
  • NVX
  • M3010
  • CR 
  • AXON
  • XCR
  • XCT
  • XCE

Suntour Forks Maximum Tire Width (Size)

Suntour Forks Maximum Tire Width (Size)

I have taken the below table for the Suntour "General Suspension Fork Manual". If there is one thing for sure, virtually every different model of Suntour Suspension forks has a unique maximum tire width. It is quite exhausting.

In summary you can see that for most lower range forks the maximum sizes are 54mm (2.15") for most 26" and 27.5" suspension forks, and 50mm (2.0") for most 700c Suntour Suspension forks.

I have one pair of Suntour forks (CR8 26") I have fitted 2.25" (57mm) tires and they are very snug. This is slightly over the 2.15" (54mm) suggested. So you could perhap add 3mm width above the suggested maximum widths above, but TBH that is within margin of error for most tire widths as advertised.

The table is rather large so I have had to chop it in to chunks. Soz.

The table shows forks models, stanchion size, suggested tire size, maximum tire width and maximum tire outer diameter. 

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