Friday, 30 September 2011

Where Fluther Fails

A real life story about Fluther.

An answers site based on jelly fish. . . must be fairly liberal right? Wrong.

Fluther is different to so many other answers sites in that it DOES NOT allow linking to relevant content, references or further learning resources.

I run a number of websites that aims to give people information and advice on the environment, its practical advice, and many of the pages are based on questions I commonly see whilst writing on answers sites, yahoo answers , aol answers, blurtit, wiki answers,

I consistently receive best answers in these other sites, I do a thorough job of answering questions, and this means pointing people in the direction of further learning resources, wikipedia, and some of my own web content, I don't even advertise on most of my sites.

Fluther time. So you can imagine my annoyance after spending a couple of hours answering questions on fluther to find fluther had seen fit to bin my answers. I only ever answer questions on the environment because I am educated in that area, so it was the links that were the problem, not the answer content.

So if you intend to use Fluther for SEO purposes, whilst paying your way with your hard earnt expertise, don't bother, the site is run by completely inflexible people, who run a dictatorship disguised as a "community", wikipedia is a community, yahoo answers is a community, fluther is under totalitarian rule. So give it a miss.

I look forward to Fluther's demise.

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  1. "Fluther is different to so many other answers sites in that it DOES NOT allow linking to rleavent content, refernces or further learning resources."


    And holy balls, does your browser not have a spell check feature?

  2. Yes it dos altough short on tim so dont use.

    Fluther is a terrible site, the policing is over the top, and most answers are opinion based, and there for pointless.

    I refer to the scientific sections here.