Thursday, 27 October 2011

Sani Village, Greece Review

Sani Village Review

Having had our second child around 6 months ago we decided to go on a "plonk on the beach" holiday, and we couldn't have chosen a better place than Sani Village.

Sani Village forms part of the resort of Sani, which is in Halkadiki, Greece.


People staying in Sani Village can use the "dine around" option for evening and lunch time meals, meaning you can dine in either of the sister hotels, or a selection of restaurants around the marina. This makes a two week stay a little less monotonous on the food front.

The Aegean sea is great for young kids, clear and calm, there is good snorkelling out along the marina roack groins and the headlands adjacent to the main Sani Baech Hotel, and Snai Beach Club.

The staff are a mix of eastern European and Greek, both providing excellent service.


Sani Resort is like a world within a world, after a few days you start to feel a bit wierd, all of the shops, cafes, and restaurants are owned by Sani Resort, you may feel a bit claustrophobic.

Prices are HIGH 5 euros for 250ml of beer, and we bought some nappies from the mini mart of 16 euros for a small pack. The exchange rate doesn't help of course (near parity at time of publishing).

If you are used to the Greek islands then you might feel that Halkdiki is lacking in character a bit, there is not much historical stuff around, and on booking a hire car for two days we abandoned the second day, as we felt we had seen enough.


A fantastic place for a relaxing "no brainer" holiday.

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