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Revodrive 3 SSD - 30 GB of Bad Sectors

Revodrive 3 SSD - 30 GB of Bad Sectors - The Problem

I have a revodrive 3, and after running checkdisk in the hope of fixing some minor system glitches, I find I am missing 80 GB. CHDSK reporting 80 GB of bad sectors.

Revodrive 3 SSD - 30 GB of Bad Sectors - A Solution?

Info here. But it suggests a OS reinstall . . . not ideal.

I have read various, scrub that, lots of forums and web sites and they all recommend looking of hidden system files, and disabling hibernation or reducing page file. This does not work.

I have run space sniffer and nothing shows up a untoward there. What next.

HD Tune Pro. Things look fine. But checkdisk (run as administrator shows a different storey)

So I have 24 GB of space?

This is verified using space sniffer. Problem is the figure don't add up. 111 GB - 59.7 GB does not equal 24 GB it does equal 51.3 GB so where is the missing 27 GB?

More Missing Space on SSD Info Here.

I belive that it is check disk that is the problem, perhaps the drive is so fast that checkdisk  reports sectors as out of parameters (bad sectors). Just a guess.

More SSD Drive Trouble Revo 3 x 2 in this instance.

"For these same symptoms to manifest with 3 separate drives is unlikely, so it would appear more likley that the corrupted sector information comes as a result of enumeration issues as opposed to physical failure at the drive translation/nand level."

Again here the problem started after using check disk.

and again "I lost 100+ gb after a checkdisk!"

Same Problem Here CHKDSK again : SSD checkdisk error

I have also heard that updating you OCZ firmware and BIOS can help. This is easily done with there linux boot cd. Just back up first.


Update - Ah hah - Oh ho. This information explanatory at least.
Microsoft say not to use Check Dick on an SSD. And I would agree that is where all my problems started. 

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