Thursday 18 October 2012

Busch and Muller Lumotec Lyt Senso Plus Light Review

Lumotec Lyt Senso Plus Light Review - Overview

The Lumotec Lyt Senso Plus is a light aimed at the commuter, it offers a fair forward facing light and good side visability, via liitle windows on the side of the lens.

The light switches itself on when it gets dark, and has switch so you can turn it off if you are using a hub dynamo.

Lumotec Lyt Senso Plus Light Review - The Beam

The beam is VERY German and it is so square at the edges it is like cycling around with a sheet of A4 paper in front of you. The problem is that the beam is so controlled there is NO spill light at the sides, which is a problem when making sharp turns.

I have a Silva Head Torch which is rated in Lumens at about 150, this head light is rated at 25 lux. I would say the based on an estimate that the Lumotec Lyt Senso Plus is about 100 Lumens, but with the neat focusing it makes for easy riding in completely unlit areas.

Lumotec Lyt Senso Plus Light Review - Hub Dynamo or Bottle Dynamo.

I have run this light of both bottle and hub dynamos, there was more flicker from the hub dynamo, but my goodness it is a whole lot quieter (the dynamo not the light).

 Update: 04/10/13

Having run this light for over a year now I can confirm it is very very good. I keep my bike outside in the south west UK, so it is constantly getting wet, and I have nevr had a problem with this light. If you are cycling at speed off road in unlight areas you may want somthing a little more power, but it is excellent for everything I do. I have recently put this light on my cargo bike, and upgraded to a Lumotec Cyo T.

Some pics in the dark.

 From the front.

Side on.

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