Thursday, 7 February 2013

Top 5 Long Tails (Long Tail Cargo Bikes)

Top 5 Long Tails (Long Tail Cargo Bikes) - Intro

I have been looking at the various long tail cargo bikes that are available out there, a long tail is just that a bike with a long tail, an extra bit of bike behind the rider on which to carrier stuff, or people around.

Handy with a welder? DIY Long Tail Cargo Bike.

Below is no particular order are the various offerings from around the web, with vague commentary and pricing from low to high.

Top 5 Long Tails - 1 - Kona Ute - £800

Coming from Kona, a bike company with a large output and long established track record, the kona ute is a great low cost long tail, it is also the only long tail in this list with 700c wheels, which may raise the centre of gravity a bit, but should make for a nice ride when carrying lighter loads.

The Ute has a alloy frame and disk brakes, and is very well kitted out for the price!

Where to buy Kona Ute

Top 5 Long Tails 2 - Yuba Mundo - £1000

The yuba mundo is pretty much the same as the  velonom transporter but is better equipped gearing wise with 21 speeds, which some may say is essential when hauling heavy stuff. Version 4 is also ready for disk brakes. Again we see 14 mm axles, and a one size fits all frame. Still very good value.

 The yuba is the choice for heavy haulers. You can also buy a frame and custom build.

Where to by Yuba Mundo

Long Tails 3 - Xtracycle Edgerunner - £1273 Approx ($2000)

Although not on sale  in the UK until late spring 2013, the xtracycle edge runner promises to be a very popular addition to the cargo bike scene.

This long tail cargo bike has a 20" wheel at the rear, which looks cool and lowers the center of gravity. It will also mean less clearance, and means you have to carry two spare inner tubes.

It uses xtracycle load carrying gear, which is very adaptable.

Where to buy Xtracycle Edge Runner USA

Great Edgerunner Write Up

Long Tails 4 - Surley Big Dummy - £2000

Also built for xtracycles cargo gear the big dummy is a lighter weight bike than the yuba mundo, which people say does not handle heavy loads as well.

It has disk brake mounts and 10mm axles so you are good to go with any standard mtb hubs if you choose to build one.

Long Tails 5 - Riese and Muller Transporter - £2500 (approx)

Top of the Pops. OK OK so this has electric assist, but it will be interesting to see what the price comes out as for one without eclectic assist, I think this price may be a little low, looking at the spec.


Other Long Tail Cargo Bikes to Consider

Madsen kg271

Made and Sold in the USA



More info on UK made long tail cargo bike.

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