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Otter Box Armor Review

Otter Box Armor Review

Otter Box Armor Review - Intro

Before I took an iphone holiday for a couple of years I used to ahve an otter box defender for my iphone 3. So when I recently decided to rejoined the 21st centuary, opted for an otter box again, but this time they had a more water proof offering the "Armor" series.

Otter Box Armor Review - Headphone Socket

At a little over 100g  this will almost double the weight of your iphone (4 in my case),  to around 250g. Which is pretty heavey.

The on off button on top of the case is quiet hard to push. But for your average beef cake this is not too much of a problem. The head phone port is pretty deep and so a lot of non apple headphones will not fit, I have some heavey duty headphones with the screw type jack that accpts a screw on adaptor, these will not fit.

Otter Box Armor Review - Opening and closing the case.

The otter boc armor has some very serious looking compression clips, for opening and closing the case. They are very stiff to operate but not too much of problem. Note the small open channel that run right of the way around the case, why is this here as it will only collect dust etc. . . . .

 Otter Box Armor Review - Rear of Case.

Opening with celar seal for camera lense and torch / flash lense. Rubbery finsih.

 Otter Box Armor Review - Bottom of Case.

Opening for microphone, and rubber flp for accessing recharge / data port. The flap on the armor with rubbery gromit is a good positive fit, and certainly feels like it should be water tight. 


 Again owing to the thick case material the port is recessed in quiet a deep opening meaning that no standard cahrges may not fit.



 Otter Box Armor - Front

The clear screen protector does not impeed use of the touch screen in the slightest, and does not go all "bubbly" owing to the static cling that used to plague the otter box defender I had for the ip3.

Otter Box Armor -Side

The volume controls are very firm to operate. The silent / non-silent switch is extremmly firm to operate, you have to push it so hard that it hurts your thumb!

Otter Box Armor - Conclusions

Various doubts have been cast on this case with regards to just how water proof it is. . . this is a big deal. I don't really want to submerge my phone I just want it to be able to keep out water if it gets wet in the outside pocket of a ruck sack or similar.

The case is large which is what I was expecting but I was not expecting it to be so heavey.

Controls are hevey to touch, but the screen protector is a vast improvement on previous models I have used.

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Flood Risk
Otter Box Armor
Reviewed by Kermit Green on Sept 26 2013
Rating: 4.2

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