Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Setting up a Network Printer - Windows 7

Setting up a Network Printer - Windows 7 - Intro

Although a wireless printer is an easy option, a wired network printer is still a good choice for those wich to share a printer with multiple users. Instead of having a PC with a USB attached printer (where the PC has to reamin powered on in order for the printer to work, a netowrk printer is always ready when you are connected to you home network.

Setting up a Network Printer - Windows 7 - Windows 7 - Things you will need

A network printer connects to you home / work network by means of a wired connection. You will need an ethernet cable and suffieicnt length, to connect to your router, or a powerline networking set.

Setting up a Network Printer - Windows 7 - Setup

1 - Connect everything together and switch everything on. - Connect printer to router or use powerline networking set such as XAV2001 (above

2 - Next you will need to log in to your router, and serach for attached devices. This si to find the IP address of your printer.

3 - Then using you browser (firefox, internet explorer, chrome) put the IP adress ( for example) in the the address bar. Do you get a web page showing your printer status? Yes. Then you are ready to install drivers. If no then you will need to check you network connections.

4 - Installing drivers is easy if you have the disk. Searhc for printer in the staert menu, then select add printer:

 Next select "add a local printer" (yes this is weird).

  Next create a new port, and choose Standadrd ICP/IP port

Then add in you IP address for your printer, and click next.

You will then (hopefully) be asked to install a driver, if you printer is not on the list, click "have disk" and install you own.

SO thats it. You printer will now show in you prinetrs and devices window.

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