Thursday, 20 February 2014

Bicycle Child Seats for Older Kids

Bicycle Child Seats for Older Kids - Intro

Since starting school our 5 year old daughter is whacked out at the weekends, sports, music lessons, swimming lessons . . .  .so to the get her to cycle miles on a Saturday . . .I don't think that is really fair. The problem is I normally like to go for a bike ride on Saturday, but now she is getting too big for a bicycle child seat what shall I do?

Bicycle Child Seats for Older Kids - Solutions

Basic seats as used in Italy.

There are a number of child seats out there aimed at the 5 - 10 year old market, most of which coming from Europe. A recently holiday to a flat part of Italy saw our hired bikes with rear sets that I could have probably sat in myself.

What is available.

Ordered in Ascending Price

Yepp Mini Ahead

Yepp Mini Ahead - £59.99 (sale) Wiggle

GMG 6+ Child Bike

GMG 6+ from Practical Cycles - £60

Bobike Junior Child bicycle Seat

Bobike FA003535007

 So as you can see the seats are expensive, even a cheapish one from italian ebay! Still £45 with postage.

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