Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Dimensions for Shimano DH-F7 Dynamo Hubs (DH-703-SB & DH-702)

Dimensions for Shimano DH-F7 Dynamo Hubs - Intro

I have just spect about 1 hour looking for dimesions for any of the following hubs:

  • DH-703-SB - Brompton Hub
  • DH-702 - Capreo Narrow Front Dynohub
Both of these hubs have narrow OLDs for folding bikes and the likes.

Dimensions for Shimano DH-F7 Dynamo Hubs - Dimensions

Left Flange  = 74mm
Right Flange = 74mm

Centre to Left Flange = 19.7mm
Centre to Right Flange = 20.8mm

OLD = 74mm

Edd spoke calculator has dimension logged for the DH-703-SB, but not for the for the DH-702.

If you are build a ETRTO 349 wheel for a Brompton then, many retailers will sell a spoke pack to fit your chosen dynamo. 

For a 305 ETRTO wheel, best use the spoke calculator. I calculated 125.7mm spokes based on 28 spokes at 2 cross.

I would have much preferred to use a DH-702 (Capreo Dynohub) as they are cheaper, but you try finding a 24 hole 305 rim!! Not easy. You can't even buy un-drilled rims of that size.

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