Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Selle Royal Moody Saddle Review

Selle Royal Moody Saddle Review - Intro

Springy saddles are the best. Why go without? My last spring saddle was a £7 ofering from ebay which had lasted 2 or 3 years, so this time I thought I would splash out big time (£20) on a better quality saddle.

I have a brooks B67 on my main bike is is far superior to this saddle, it is also 3 times the price. I have heard of selle royal as a make, so that is why I went for this saddle, it was the cheapest one I could find, with proper springs from a known manufacturer.

Selle Royal Moody Saddle Review - Looks

Not tooooo bad . . . . 

A wide nose.

Metal is coated.

Big Springs & Saddle Bag Hoops


View from Top (Wide Nose)

Selle Royal Moody Saddle Review - Build Quality

This is a very solidly built saddle, its all glued together so don't expect to be able to repair it is it does brake. The metal work on the underside is coated with a tough black substance that looks as though it will last. Its a good bit of kit.

Selle Royal Moody Saddle Review - Comfort

The vinyl cover is quiet sticky against fabrics etc. so 7 out of ten there, the squashiness is just right 9 out of ten, but the let down is the wide nose which does not add to comfort.

A 1 hour ride on this saddle will leave be glad to get off, although not saddle sore.

Selle Royal Moody Saddle Review - Conclusion

This is a fine saddle for the price, although I would not whole heartedly recommend this one  becuase of the wide nose (and that just may be a personal thing) I would be keen to try some other selle royal saddles to see if they suited me better based on the excellent build quality of this saddle.

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