Monday, 20 April 2015

Thorn Sherpa / Raven Forks Review

Thorn Sherpa / Raven Forks Review - Intro

These are the third set of Thorn Forks I have purchased, and despite their lack of disc brake bosses, I continue to buy Thorn forks for their incredibly long steerer tube, which give the most glorious upright ride, on any standard mountain bike frame. With an un-cut 400mm steerer riding a bike is a joy, with views over hedges and fences, and no uncomfortable bending of the neck to look where you are going.

Thorn Sherpa / Raven Forks Review - Thorn Write Up

  • This is the heavy duty touring fork option for Sherpa Mk3 and Raven frames it is for 26” wheels (559)
  • This fork has clearance for 2.15” tyres.
  • It measures 370mm from axle to crown race seat and has a 400mm long steerer
  • It has M5 stainless steel bosses for the direct and secure fitting of mudguards as well as bosses for lo-loader carriers
  • The fork has V brake bosses on the front of the blades, at the perfect height for 559 rims
  • It uses a cast crown which has an M6 thread for a dynamo lamp boss
  • The blades are manufactured by Reynolds in “SUPER TOURIST” gauge and have a comfortable, tight radius bend with safety dropouts.
  • These forks can carry up to a maximum of 7.5Kg on each side

Thorn Sherpa / Raven Forks Review - Off Bike Pictures

Thorn Sherpa / Raven Forks Review - On Bike Pictures

Thorn Sherpa / Raven Forks Review - Verdict

If you need a fork for touring or any type of cycling where comfort and versatility are more important than looks, then look no further. Its a shame there are no disk brake mounts (perhaps look to the Surley Disc Trucker Forks), but V brakes are OK, and a sturmey archer drum brake (such as XL FDD) can always be used for low maintenance option.

If you have suspension forks then you may wish to opt for one of thorns "double crown" forks which gives some level of suspension correction (Thorn Mt Tura for example).

Full price these forks are £100, sometimes thorn forks come up in the sales, so if you are patient then maybe you can find a pair for cheaper, I got these for £60, and 2 years ago I managed to get some carbon forks, which these replaced, for £50.

If you are wondering about the strange looking bike it is a DIY Longtail Cargo Bike

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