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Brooks B135 Saddle Review

Brooks B135 Saddle Review  - Intro

I have been sitting on a Brooks B67 for 4 or 5 years now and it has been very very comfy. But one of the rails broke the other day, and whilst I can get a spare and will do, it also happened to be my birthday at the time, so I bought a B135 as a present. . . for me.

Wide, Chunky and Weird Looking . . 

Brooks B135 Saddle Review  - Overview

The B135 is a chunky saddle, it is the second most chunky saddle that brooks make after the B190, which is massive. The B135 has pretty much the same top as the B67, that I also have. But is has some other extras which I was attracted too.

  • More Springs
  • Double Rails
More springs, may add to complexity, but I think it is worth the cost. The main reason for choosing this saddle is the double rails which make it strong. I am quite heavy and I ride off road, often smashing down on the saddle in the process. Hopefully this double rail B135 will not break like the B67 did. 

Double Rails - Stronger than Single Rail?

Brooks B135 Saddle Review  - Appearance

This saddle might look a bit weird on bikes that are themselves not "alternative", too mount this a race bike, or a trendy mountain bike. . .  you could do it of course but would it look OK?

Springs Galore!

The saddle looks old school. But it also looks pretty awesome on the right bike. I do not have the right bike, but I care little for appearance.

Brooks B135 Saddle Review  - Comfort


A Very Wide Saddle. Great to sit on. 

Brooks B135 Saddle Review  - Proofhide

The sdalle comes with a tiny little sachet of Proofhide, which is a tallow (beef fat) based leather treatment, this will just about cover the underside of the saddle. But really you will need to buy a tin, I used half of one 40g tin to do a proper job of treating this saddle. My B67 was "fed" on vegetable oil (olive oil, rapeseed) and seems to be OK, but I thought I would give the proper stuff a go this time.

Lard and vegetable oil mixed together might be a good move? . . . 

Brooks B135 Saddle Review - Fitting

This is where thing are not so good. Double rails will require the use of the supplied clamp, which fits on an plane seat post, or the use of a breeze double rail convertor. 

Do not waste you time with the clamp that is supplied, it is terrible quality. The nuts used to clamp the bracket to the seat post have to be done up very tightly, you will need a socket set or ring spanner to apply sufficient force. When tightening the washers will bend, causing the nuts to bite in to the washers, which makes the job even more difficult.

Thin Washers on Clamp - Not Good

There is also the problem of positioning. Most micro adjust seatposts have a rearward offset of around 20 - 25mm but used on a plane post, with the supplied bracket you do not get this. This result is a saddle that is set to far forward (for me - may be OK for you). I have ordered a breeze double rail adaptor, so hopefully that will rectify this problem. 

Also (yes there is more) after tightening the nuts on the supplied bracket, the bolt sticks out, and when you straighten your leg whilst in the saddle, it pokes in to your  thigh. Nice. 

Brooks B135 Saddle Review - Conclusion

A lovely saddle that is let down by the poor quality clamp that is supplied. 

Brooks B135 Saddle Review - More Pictures

Cool curly spring at nose. 

2 lots of springs at rear. 

Note Tensioning Screw

Chrome Rails 

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