Thursday, 3 November 2016

Eclat Ridgestone Traction Tire Review

Eclat Ridgestone Traction Tire Review - Intro

This is a BMX tire, with trendy marketing etc. But will fit most wide etro 406 rims (i.e. 20"). I was looking for a 20" tire to use on a cargo bike, which has . . .

  • Semi -Slick Tread
  • High Pressure Rating
  • High Load Rating
  • Very Wide
. . .and this tire seemed to tick all of the boxes, I would have liked some schwalbe type puncture protection, but I put some slime in the tubes instead. Plus these were £10 each on ebay, so pretty cheap. They are available in three widths from 2.2 to 2.4 inches. 

Eclat Ridgestone Traction Tire Review - Description

The Eclat Ridgestone Traction tire is a slightly nobbly version of the Ridgestone Slick tire. Whilst the ridgestone slick has a smooth center tread, the ridgestone traction has slight steps on the center ridge, allowing for perhaps a little more traction. Although the difference would be slight.

Ridgestone Slick (Left) vs Ridgestone Traction (Right)

The side wall tread of traction is significantly more knobbly than the slick variant, with enlarged lugs, and more aggressive tread off centre of the central ridge. 


Eclat Ridgestone Traction Tire Review - Build

The tires are very sticky rubber, so will probably wear quickly if used for commuting, i.e. high milage use. These tires has a very high TPI at 120, a quality touring tire such as the big apple from schwalbe would use a 67 TPI carcass so why such a high TPI?

Sheldon Brown links a high TPI tire to a thin wall, but these are fairly heavy tires. but one would assume this is for greater flexibility and thus lower rolling resistance. 

These tires are rated for 100psi, I doubt I will ever run them at that pressure. But it gives an indication of their quality. I have carried close to 200kg (including bike) on these tires. 

Used for EBike on this Occasion

Eclat Ridgestone Traction Tire Review - In Use

If you are using these on a BMX then perhaps it is time for you to tune out. As I am using these on a longtail cargo ebike, which will never do a jump or a bunny hop in its life. 

There is tire hum on the tarmac when in use owing to the slight knobbles on the centre ridge. I swapped these after using Schwalbe Jumpin Jacks for a while, but they just munch the battery being so knobbly (this would translate to leg ache on a normal bike). The eclat ridgestone traction tire role very nicely on tarmac.

On rough stuff these are grippy as you would expect. In heavy clay they struggle of course, but the advantage is that the shallow tread clears easily once you get back up to speed. 

These tires are not very puncture proof, a set of Schwalbe Dirty Harrys would be a cheap alternative to these, with better puncture protection, but these would not role as well, nor are they as grippy. 

I have been riding these through the hedge trimming season, in the UK with roads littered with thorns, and have unsurprisingly suffered numerous punctures, I am running tire sealant (in tubes) and this has stopped the tires deflating on most occasions but there is white sealant visible in numerous places on the outside of the tire. I have puncture during the "thorn" season with other kevlar or better tires, so this is not really a sign of weakness. 

Eclat Ridgestone Traction Tire Review - Conclusion

A performance grade tire, that is well suited for use on heavy duty cargo bikes, although its lack of a puncture protection belt is a slight draw back this can be easily got around by using tire sealant

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