Monday, 23 January 2017

Bern Morrison Zip Mold Cycle Helmet Review

Bern Morrison Zip Mold Cycle Helmet Review - Intro

I have a massive / huge / disproportionately large head, and finding a cycle helmet (or any type of hat) that fits on this engorged melon has always been a problem.

The Bern Morrison advertised fitting a head circumference up to 63.5cm which is a tiny bit smaller than my dome, but it was the biggest I could find. If you know of nay bigger helmets please leave a comment.

Bern Morrison Zip Mold Cycle Helmet Review - Style

The helmet is a kind of mountain bikers, rough stuff tourer helmet. It has excellent ventilation holes, which add to the look, and keep the helmet fairly light.It sits quite low on the head, which I would consider a bonus. Here compared to a skate helmet which sits so low as to cover the eye brows.

Bern Morrison Zip Mold Cycle Helmet Review - Fit

Fit can be adjusted using the adjustment screw at the rear of helmet, although in my case I undid this all the way. The system seems to work well though, and grips the head well, when used.

The "clicks" or increments on the screw I guess stop it coming undone, but they might be considered a little large, and do not allow for VERY fine adjustment, if you were being fussy.

Bern Morrison Zip Mold Cycle Helmet Review - More Pictures

Rest fo pictures not used thus far:

Label show size, and measurements etc.

Visor helmet interface

View from Front

View from top / rear

View from top / front

View from Rear

Bern Morrison Zip Mold Cycle Helmet Review - Conclusions

The Bern Morrison is a very high quality helmet, it is not super light, and I think is designed for rugged, and constant use. The style is futuristic, and I very much like it is every way except. . . .my swollen shill has defeated yet another hat, it is just too small!

I would say they are sized a little on the small side. My head is 62cm circumfrance when measured with a builder tape measure. So this hat should fit, but it is tight.

Bern - Official Blurb

Bern’s premium cross-over helmet, the Morrison is equally at home in the urban jungle and on the trails. A hard visor, ample venting, and premium Boa adjustment system (new for 2016) make this lid stand out both functionally and stylistically. 

The 2016 Morrison features our new Zipmold+ and Boa retention system. Zipmold+ is our proprietary liquid foam construction that is thinner, lighter, and stronger than traditional EPS construction. This allows for certified and safe helmets with an ultra-low profile and fit. Designed with 16 vents there is more than twice as much airflow than Bern’s other leading bike models to keep one’s head cooler on those warmer summer days. The performance liner with adjustable dial allows for a customized fit with moisture control and is replaceable should one need to freshen up a bit. 

Bern Morrison Video

Illustrator Devon 

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  1. Know what you mean about the large head.
    I say a "one size" aero helmet at a decent price (only one size, so cheaper to make!).
    Lots of adjustments.
    So why didn't I buy it?
    It only goes to 59cm, while I take a 61cm (which with a cycling cap on is a fairly close fit for me!)
    But head shape varies. Some folks have longer narrow heads, and some folks have more rounded, ball- shaped heads.
    Only real way is buy big, and try for size ;-)

  2. I used to do a lot of outdoor activities as a teenager, and would always get crippling head aches. After a couple of years twigged it was cramming my head in to a normal sized helmet . . . . I do have a skate helmet that fits pretty well.

    I got it from a shop, a real shop, it was gathering dust on a shelf because it was too big to be sold. After trying on all manner of helmets, the chap shouts to his colleague "eh fred av we still got that bludy great hat out back that most people gets lorst in" . . .and thus it came in to my life.