Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Shimano BR-BL-M355 Review

Shimano BR-BL-M355 Review - Intro

This is my second purchase of these brakes. I have one on the front of my cargo bike for around a year. It has been a good brake, so when my Avid BB7 on the rear of my normal bike got so stiff I couldn't adjust the pads any more, I thought I would upgrade to the BR-BL-M355. A newer budget offering from Shimano is the MT200, click link to read review. 

Basic but Neat

Shimano BR-BL-M355 Review - Build Quality

There is nothing fancy about this brake, but its does have the normal budget level of shimano quality about it. The finish is clean, the parts are well machined. I think the bleed nuts might be stainless. . .that sort of thing.
Quality Mouldings

This is a low end kit though, the brake lever is made from pressed steel plate rather than aluminium which you normally find on most breaks. But I like steel so thats cool.

Pressed Steel Lever. . Fine

Shimano BR-BL-M355 Review - Fitting

Fitting is a sinch. You have to remove your grips etc. to slide this thing on the bars, but that no big deal. Use hair spray squirted under grips (prise up a little with thin screwdriver or small allen key) to loosen them up and then more hair spray inside when you put them back on.

The brake are pre-bled, so it is literally the case of just attaching them to the bike, and hey presto done! Fit and forget.

Note Adjustment Screw for Reach

Shimano BR-BL-M355 Review - Performance

Mounted on the front of my cargo bike one of these will stop a very heavy bike on all but the steepest of hills. My cargo bike with me a 3 kids on it weighs 180kg, so thats not too shabby. On the flip side pulling this much weight to a standstill does munch the pads!

Calipers Lack. . which is good.

Performance in my experience is fine. If you want modulation or some sort of fancy braking then waste more money on "better" brakes.

Shimano BR-BL-M355 Review - Conclusion

Shimano Quality. Cheap as Chips. Stop you Well. . . . What else do you want? More bling . .shame on you! Spend the money on your wife.

Top View

Environmental Permit Applications

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