Tuesday, 2 January 2018

SPL10M.1 Review & Observations

SPL10M.1 Review & Observations - Intro

The cheapest 10" driver on ebay lead me to the SPL10M.1, this is a large speaker and is certainly heavy but is not a sub woofer. It is just a very large mid-bass driver. It is very well built, I paid under £20 for this peaker, and it is excellent value. But it has a weird spec!

I am not sure why it is so large, but for a low power application as I intend using a TP3116D2 amplifier I assumed it would be OK.

SPL10M.1 Review & Observations - Out of the Box

First things is that it is heavy. Second thing is that is built OK. The spring terminals have a reasonably high quality feel, and the materials look well finished. The cone is paper, rather then fancy new fangled material, but this is fine as I have used some very good speakers that have paper cones in the past. The stainless steel thing in middle of the speaker (phase plug?) is a high quality feature, at least aesthetically.

The box itself is a bit disappointing with little protection offered to the speaker. However at the price I bought this I doubt they wanted to spend extra ££ on wrapping!

SPL10M.1 Review & Observations - Performance

I have powered this up to around 50W with low frequency sound (it is not design for this) but performs well. I will attempt to describe the sound, but I am pleased with the purchase.

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