Monday, 29 July 2019

Fischer Tour 45 Dynamo Headlight Review

Fischer Tour 45 Dynamo Headlight Review  - Intro

Looking for a super cheap Dynamo Headlight I came across the Fischer Tour 45 Dynamo Headlight on Amazon listed for £13. So what is it like?

Fischer Tour 45 Dynamo Headlight Review  - Size & Weight

The headlamp / headlight is small, and light. Part of this lightness is due to the all plastic construction, and and thin mounting bracket. Its all fit for purpose, but if you are famailr with Busch and Muller headlamps. . .well it is a lot light and plasticy. Not saying its bad or anything.

Fischer Tour 45 Dynamo Headlight Review  - Quality

Quality is perfectly adequate. And surprisingly the LED "bulb" / emitter used is labelled as Osram, which are a good make. The switch on the rear feels pretty good. The metal bracket is thinner than a busch and muller bracket, but about the same as an AXA bracket.

The lamp come wired with a relatively short cable, which may need extending. I had to but I was installing mine on handlebars so probably OK for fork crown install.

Fischer Tour 45 Dynamo Headlight Review  - Lighting

The light comes on at walking pace. It flickers a bit obviously they all do that, but I was quite impressed how slowly you can push the bike whilst still maintaining a good light out put.

The light is very fierce, certainly very very visable in the daytime, the beam pattern I am not sure of, because it is summer and I haven't ridden in the dark yet. I will update in the autumn.

Fischer Tour 45 Dynamo Headlight Review  - Conclusions

A small, light, yet powerful dynamo headlight at an excellent price.  A stand light would be a nice addition but, no big deal for rural riding with not much stop start.

Update: 09/09/2019: This light is very flashy, and by that I mean blink blink blink, it could really use a standlight. You have to be going quite fast  to get rid of the blinking, probably 8 miles and hour or more. When pushing the bike this rapid flashing can be very annoying, and hard on the eyes.

The light is bright, and the LUX rating I think is accurate, it is comparable to a Busch and Muller Cyo 50 LUX light that I own (linked review is for 80 lux variant).

Fischer Tour 45 Dynamo Headlight Review  - More Pictures



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