Monday, 25 April 2011

Good and Bad customer service

Good and Bad customer service

My Experiences of bad customer service

First Group: Bus crashed in to my car, entirely the bus drivers fault, the bus driver apologized and we exchanged details, First group tried to blame me on no less than 3 occasions for causing the accident, then after they admitted guilt they withheld payment from my insurance company, and so now I am involved in that claim as well. (15/03/10: Received cheque in settlement for damage, approximately 1 year! After incident)
Inland Revenue: Despite being an employee for three years rather than self employed the HMRC keep sending me a tax return, I ring them up and tell them, they keep telling me to submit a tax return, I send them a recorded letter saying please look at my p60 for the year, and they send me three £100 fines one after the other. Then six months later I get a cheque for £300 in the post.
From these two examples I can say that the most annoying thing is not being listened to, the second is being forced to play the “game” according to the other party’s rules, and third being presumed guilty / in the wrong, with no hope of explaining otherwise.

Good Example

My Dad lets a house in Wessex waters territory with a drain that has got bunged up a number of times over the last 6 – 7 years. It’s turned out that the blockage was due to an obstruction the main Wessex sewer, and so my dad wrote in to Wessex Water to explain and they sent him a cheque for £200, based on the time he had spent clearing the numerous blockages, this was based on my Dad’s word and nothing else. Martin was saying that Wessex water are market leaders with a “will do” attitude I like the sound of that!

Martin mentioned about the checks that the directors of Wessex water used to make on operations centers, he said this was good as it increased the bond between management and work force, I must say though I may find that good or bad depending on the temperament of the manager in question. If they were bossy / arrogant type, may actually damage work ethic, obviously it could work well if the manager was the proactive, caring type.

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