Monday, 25 April 2011

OKI C3300 Windows 7 & 8 driver Problem

OKI C3300 Windows 8 - Drivers

The only driver published for the C3300 id for 32 bit windows 8. Server 2012  and windows 8 64 bit are not supported. Please see OKI's compatibility tables.

OKI did have driver so say for windows 7 and even these were riddled with problems. So it may be worth trying the below fix, on windows 8.

One solution may be to try to set up as a network printer (if you have the C3300n) model, as this way you only need very basic drivers, and no software (like status monitor).

OKI C3300 Windows 7 - Driver Problem

If you are running windows 7 with an OKI C3300 then there is a chance you may be able to get it to work.

I have had various "spoolersv" errors whilst running an OKI C3300n on windows 7.

Solution: Install oki c3300n vista drivers and then go to install folder and find only application in that folder, its called OPHGLDCS (sort the window by file type to bring to top).

Then right click on this app, select compatibility tab and select vista on the drop down box.

Restart the computer.

Should be OK.

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  1. Hello!!! i hvae som problems intalling my oki c3300 in windows 8, maybe you still have the printer and you have now windows 8 and you please can tell how to intall it. I've already tried this but still not working. Thanx a lot!!!

  2. Please see updated post above. On the OKI website (google for "OKI C3300 WIndows 8 Drivers") version 2.2.2 includes vista drivers, you could try these. But don't hold your breath, the vista drivers were not great even with windows 7. If you have the network-able version then you might try connecting over network, which means you don't needs status monitor and other OKI software just very basic driver.

  3. Hi,
    I just did as you suggested, and funnily, in the dropdown menu there was a choice given for Win 7. Would Vista be better, nevertheless? I have Win 7 installed.