Monday, 30 May 2011

Sumvision Aero Lite NAS Dongle Review

I have recently acquired one of these widgets, and have been setting it up over the last day or two. The verdict, good for the price, it was £19 with postage, which when you look at the price of other NAS options is dirt cheap. I have include configuration info at bottom of page.
I have swapped from a Netgear ST101 to this Aero Lite NAS Dongle because I was fed up with the LAG caused by Zetera Drivers when opening word documents etc.

I was promised that I could set up this dongle over a network without using any software to do so, and they were right, but with my moderate net working knowledge it took a while. That is not to say you would have an easier installation experience if you used the included java configuration program.

The above page show the configuration utility for the Aerolite NAS Dongle that can be used to set up the device, this can be accessed manually via a browser, or was easy to do with Windows 7 recognizing the device straight away and displying it in the network settings window.

However, accessing the files on the disk took a while, but eventually I realized that the user name and password that you define in the Aero Lite NAS Dongles SMB Server settings will get you in, and once you are every thing is plain sailing.

I am currently transferring some large files over the network (power line network 100MBPS) and the transfer box says the transfer rate is around 2.2 MBPS so by no means lightening fast.

However, once I have major backup files where I need them I will only be topping up from time to time, using syncback or similar.

Over all this is a good widget for the home user, I combined mine with a pluscom, external usb caddy, with a maxtor 150GB 3.5" formatted to FAT32.

Some Plus points for the Aero Lite NAS dongle:

- Cheap
- Easy to setup
- you can use an external HDD or a pendrive

Some Negative points for the Aero Lite NAS dongle:

- Only up to 60GB min disk size

Aero Lite NAS dongle Specification:

Device Interface:
Network Attached Storage Device (NAS)
USB Features:
1 x USB 2.0 / 1.1
Network Interface:
RJ45 10/100Mbps
Format Support:
FAT32 (max file size 127GB "network only")
Operating System:
XP SP3, Vista SP1, Windows 7, Mac OS X 10.5.X, Linux (Samba 3.X)
mic type:
Admin - web
Min 60GB and max 2TB.
DHCP, Samba, bitTorrent, UPnP (Xbox 360 + PS3), FTP and Print server.

Sumvision Aero Lite NAS Dongle Configuration Info:

The default user name is "admin"
The default password is“admin”
If you wish to manually access your AeroLite without using searchdisk follow
the step below.
Type in in to the address field of your chosen browser, and then
click Enter .
This should once again bring up the log in box.
The default IP address for the Aero Lite is

But . . .

If logging in via SMB the default user name is "guest" not admin.

Environmental Consultants
Scientific Web Content

Update - September 2011

I had a question about setiing up users so I have include the below screen capture which should answer the question:

So as you can see there are tonnes of options with regards to setting up acess through the SMB option.

Drivers for the Aerolite NAS dongle can be downloaded from here.
Environmental Permitting
Desktop Study
Flood Risk


  1. Did you try the print server function.

  2. No I did not try the print server function.

  3. Is it possible to create users and allow users access to only some files on the hard drive connected rather than the entire thing? Thanks for the review by the way. :)

  4. I have just tried logging in to the configoration bit, and it wont work which doesn't say much for

    a - my ability
    b - quality of gizmo

    You can set up any number of directories on the aerolite, I have public and backup, you can control access to these folders via user names and pass words, but not the subfolders of these directories.

    Open up a fresh can of patience if you intend to buy one.

  5. WatchTheChannel Please see updated above.

  6. I just want to confirm. From my understanding, this thing only allow you to setup the bittorrent so that other people can download your file through bittorrent client like uTorrent etc but you can't set it up so that you can download torrent through this thing. Hence it is a bittorrent server. Is that correct?

  7. No it does other stuff.

    SAMBA aswell, which allows you to use it for NAS

  8. Hi,

    just bought this and can't set it up. The disk is a mini one and won't fit in my MacBook Pro so I can't get at the manual or, more importantly, the sdisk. jar file. Can anyone help? Thanks

  9. You just need to set up the dongle with the disk etc, then go in to you router (not the NAS dongle) and view attached devices, this will give you the ip adress for the dongle, then navigate to the NAS dongle GUI using IE or firefox.

    You should be able to acces it that, way I didn't use sdisk.

  10. Please note I have updated the main bit so you can download drivers and instructions.

  11. anybody tried a usb hub on one of these? have ordered one and am wondering if it could handle more than 1 drive?

    1. please post your findings, it would be useful to know.

  12. havent checked the usb hub yet, but regards your low ftp speed, go to network adaptors on your pc and right click, click properties and then configure, then advanced tab.. find ipv4 large send offload and tcp checksum offload.. disable both.. i did and am now getting 16mbps ftp speed

  13. Thanks for this excellent description of the set up of this dongle and use with a HD. However, I get a problem whereby I can't get past a username/password dialogue. I do see an 'Aero-lite' entity in Windows explorer, but any attempt to expand and view it is met with a password prompt which I can't get past.
    Using admin/admin or guest/guest or any combination of those or even my Windows profile login/password doesn't cut it. Does anyone have any ideas please?

  14. at phil.. as said on dk, use ftp ;) and btw everybody else. usb hub doesnt work :(

  15. i have just bought on of these and just want to use it to transfer movie/music files to a usb media hdd i have in the lounge, my computer is upstairs, a previous usb server i was using when connected would show the drive in "my computer" and was a case of drag and drop, easy, this does not seem to have that ability, so how do i transfer files.


    1. you may be able to map network drive

      open window > tools > map network drive

      navigate to folder and OK, you may need to enter password some how though.

  16. filezilla or any other ftp proggy

  17. Anyone used the BitTorrent functionality? I have managed to download a couple of files, but once complete they seem to stop seeding. If you're relying on keeping a decent share ratio then this is useless.....anyone figured this out?

  18. thanks, i'll give them ideas a shot