Thursday, 2 June 2011

Continental Sport Contact Tyre Review

I have been using these tyres for around 2 months now and they are very nice. It is lovelly to be able to travel along without the buzz of tyres beneath you, and pedaling feels more smooth, and less gravelly owing to the very good contact with the road surface.
Some may say these tyre will not provide grip when uses off road, and in the dead of wineter on a muddy track they would be right. But I have used these on gravelly paths, and up steep off road hills (dry), and they (Continental Sport Contact) have never slipped once.

I went for the wider of the sizes available, so you can tun thenm at a slightly lower pressure. 1.75" I think.

The Continental Sport Contact Tyre are very puncture resistant, probablt due to the higher running pressure, but I have used them on course gravel track, with pinging noises being fairly constant yet no puntures.

If you are after a good tyre for the road and moderate summer off road use than the Continental Sport Contact Tyres are very good.

With a set of these Continental Sport Contact Tyres in place of your knobbly MTB tyres you can go loads further for the same amount of energy, explore new places and come home less tierd.

For winter track use maybe a few nobbles might be a bonus but, I have found these Continental Sport Contact tyres excellent.

Winter Update

About a month ago I must have run over somthing sharp, and cut the side wall, a flat tyre reulsted. These tyre come with a garentte, where by they will replace the tyre (only once) if you get a flat, I posted mine back, and bingo I got a new tyre! Another bonus for buying these tyres.

I have swapped these for a pair of Kenda Cross Plus Tyres, whilst following various rural sustarns routes from tiverton to taunton, I have found muddy corners to be leathal with the sports contacts, not what they were intended for I suppose . . . .

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