Monday, 14 November 2011

Samsung B2100 Review

When the iphone first came out I was very impressed, and instantly sucked in by the buck rodgers appeal. However, after a couple of very mild accidents, and 1,2,3,4 software upgrades, your £400 phone is of very little use, everything is done through itunes, you can not copy you contacts to SIM when you migrate, all very annoying.

The Samsung B2100 is a simple phone, but I have downgraded to it, to avoid the constant faffing and nursing that is required by owning an iphone.

Some great points about this phone:

Samsung B2100 Review - Reception

The B2100 have brilliant reception and will hold call in areas of my house, I couldn't even recieve a text message in with other phones.

Samsung B2100 Review - Tough

Keep it in you outside pocket, leave out on the garden table in the rain, no worries.

Samsung B2100 Review- BatteryCertainly when compaired to an iphone the battery lasts foe aaaagggeessss I am currently on day 3, with out a charge.


The torch is really good, by means of comparisson I would say it was as good as a real stanalone torch.


Samsung B2100 Review - Setting UP EmailTricky to say the least whilst most other email clients will do the set up for you nowadays, the B2100 will not. I am fairly tech savvy and it took me around 3 hours to set up the internet access and email. I have written a guide how to set up email on B2100

Samsung B2100 - Web BrowsingWith it tiny screen I would say the B2100 offer emergency web browsing functionality only, not a joy to use in that respect. You can just about use it to look up a phone number or something like that.
Samsung B2100 - No GPSI would have thought that on an outdoorsy phone like this one, a simple GPS would have been handy, I has a nokia 5140 a few years back and that had GPS. . . not even a compass.



A chunky solid phone that is just that a phone, you can check your emails although sending one (the typing) would be difficult, and you can take it everywhere without worrying.

Update: 11/12/12

 This phone is bomb proof, but why oh why didn't Samsung spend a little more time on the software. For example tethering for internet use would have been useful. Doing anything on this phone other than making calls is tricky. Even when sending text messages the B2100 keeps reverting to "non-predictive" text mode. Good battery life, very tough. Everything else is rubbish.

 Update: 27/05/13

Extremely Annoying - The non-predictive text revert is unsolvable .

Annoying - User interface, time consuming.

Great Battery Life - 1 week with intermittant use.

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