Monday, 14 November 2011

Set Up Email on Samsung B2100

Before you set up the Email you must set up the internet access setting (GPRS, WAP) check you web access works by doing a few searches on google. Once you have done this then you set up the email. I am using the gmail, but a similar method can be used to set up yahoo, or aol or . . . . whoever.

Basically this is the stuff you need to type in (FOR GOOGLE)

Go: Menu > Messages > Settings > Emails > Email Profiles

Choose the profile that you use to access the web, and save, the B2100 will tell you the profile is changed. . .good. Back out to main menu.

Go: Menu > Messages > Settings > Emails > Email Accounts

Options> Create
name the account with your full email adress, type in the information from the table above (if using gmail) remebering to double check everything, and enter the port settings.

For those of you that are used to the iphone and outlook these configuration setting will seem wofully complicated, but if you persist you will win.

Other Pop Settings

Yahoo Pop Settings

AOL Pop Settings

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