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Promise Fast Track 376 Setup XP SATA

Promise Fast Track 376 Setup XP SATA

I have never managed to get this thing working as a boot drive, so if you want to find that out then here is not the place, I am told that you can use the driver CD to create a floppy disk, to install the "Thrird Party RAID drivers" under the F6 option in windows setup (blue screen setup ), I have tried using the n-lite method, but still the SATA drive is not visable for boot drive usage in setup.

Post Windows Install Promise PCI SATA Card Setup.

So pop the PCI card in hook up your SATA drive, and then boot windows, I had it installed already on an IDE drive, as you can see this method allows you to add a SATA drive for extra storage but not as a boot drive.

Go to device manager. find the yellow question mark, it will say RAID controller, or similar, right click, update driver, install from the CD that came with the card.

When device manager refreshs itself you should see this, above, but OH NO the drive doesn ot show up when you visit my computer. Next . . .

Setting up "Array" on Promise 376 / 378 PC SATA Card.

Reboot the PC and you will see a new bit has appear in the prewindows screem (white text on black screen), and option will come ip saying, "press Control + F " to setup array, do this and you will see the following screen.

Selct Option 1, go to next screen, save and exit.

When you get in to windows next your drive will show up.

You don't need to install SATA drivers, you don't need to go in to the BIOS. I faffed around for ages looking for SATA drivers for XP, and non of them worked, you just need to select the disk "array" soon after switch on using the Crtk +F combo and bingo.

I could have kicked myself.

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