Friday, 16 December 2011

SCSI Noisey & Tricky

SCSI Noisey & Tricky

When I purchased my XW8000 from ebay a few months back I didn't know what SCSI was but now I do. . . for all the wrong resons.

I am no computer expert, but it would appear SCSI is a very industrial solution to storage, and is not suitable for home use PCs for a number of reasons.

- Unbeleavable. Sounds like someone is shaking a tin of peanut in side your PC, a high speed drive (15,000 RPM) makes a h**l of a racket, and if you even when compared to fairly aged IDE drives, let alone a solid state drive.

- After initial trying windows XP SP3 and finding that the drive wasn't recognised, I tried slip streaming SCSI drivers from the hp website in to a windows CD. No joy, my floppy disk drive is defunct. SO what then.

Windows 7 and Windows Server 2003 both picked up the drive no probs, but I didn't have the correct licenses for those so didn't want to complete the install.

Verdict - I think SCSI has had its day, solid state is comparable in price, and with an IDE to SATA adaptor, you can easily use a soild state drive in place of a SCSI, and then move it to your new machine when the time comes.

Machine Used

HP XW8000 (Xw8200 has SATA so get that one)
2 x Xeon 3.2
LSI SCSI Controller

Other Storage Solutions tried

PCI (e) SATA card (promise 378) - works OK for storage but not OK for Boot
IDE - Absolutly fine, there is a spare IDE connect on the Mother Board

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