Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Colour Codes for PSU fans in HP PC

Colour Codes for PSU fans in HP PC

I thought I would share this info regarding replacing a fan in a HP (XW8400) PSU, what the colured wires mean, and how to get around them.

The wires on the PSU fan do not match with the wires on a 3 wire Fan or a PWM (4 wire) fan. Which cuases a bit of a headache.

HP PSU FAN - Wires Colour Codes

Red Wire = 12 Volt +
Black Wire = Ground (-)
Yellow = PWM - (Problems here Read on below.)
Blue = Sensor / Pulse

Tip: If you peel off the label on the back of the fan the circuit board inside may well be printed with the function of each wire.

PSU fans - Connect UP all Wires and it doesn't work

Now what, you have matched up the wires and the PC won't boot, I can't tell you why but I can tell you how to get round it.

Disconnect the PWM wire and run the fan on three wires, the fan will run at full speed but it will work. Not ideal, and probaly just as noisey as the fan you just replaced.

HP PSU fans - SolutionWhen replacing you PSU use a Fractal Design 92mm Silent Series Cooling Fan : FD-FAN-92 these are capped at 1200 rpm, so remain quiet even when at full revs.

If any one finds a better fix than this then please post it.

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