Thursday, 26 January 2012

Jagwire Brake Block Review - V Brake

Jagwire Brake Block Review - V Brake

These Jagwire Brake Blocks are very cheap on £1.59 a pair, I think if you have very strong hands you may be OK, but other wise they are way off the mark, particularly in the wet.

You may say, they are cheap, but I have used brake blocks for £3 which are excellent, and and as such I would say these jag wire brake blocks are a bit of a false economy.

I have used jagwire cables (innners and outers) and they are fine, so I am not say that all Jagwire stuff is bunk just the brake blocks.

Update - 19/07/12

These blocks have lasted around 6 months now, which would leave me to believe they are a very hard compound which wears slowly but delivers poor braking, they will stop you OK, but you have to really clamp down on the levers.

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