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Foxit Phantom Standard PDF Review

Foxit Phantom Standard PDF Review

Foxit Phantom Standard is a program designed to do stuff with PDF documents, it can split pdfs up stick pdfs, reoorder pages, write on pdfs, draw on pdfs.

It can convert other documents to pdf, and convert pdfs to words and image files.

It can do a lot of things with pdfs.

Foxit Phantom Standard PDF - Price

Compaired to Adibe alternatives this program is cheap, real cheap ($85), and being that FREE foxit reader is so good, I thought I would give it a try. That being said prior to this I was using pdf creator from source forge, which is free.

Foxit Phantom Standard PDF - Good Points

Obviously the price is a draw, I have used acrobat professional in the past, and that is very solid, but it is is system heavey, and expensive. Foxit Phatom Standard keeps many of the adobe features and the price is much lower . . it maintains the ease of use of foxit reader but adds in some good tools for pro users.

Whether these tools work or not . . . that is the issue.

Foxit Phantom Standard PDF - Down Points

Converting PDF to Word: This is not very reliable, even with the built in OCR text is sometimes converted to images, when selcting .doc out put or .rtf, you can force a conversion to text by selecting a .txt output but then you loose all of the formating.

Binding Reports: The interface is easy to use, but if you use publisher you are stuck, as there is no support for publisher documents, they have to be printed with some other convertor and then bound as a pdf.

Converting pdfs to word in phantom pdf results in loads of text boxes. This means it is impossible to format the text to your desired styles etc, becuase it is ll tangled up in text boxes. Far as I know there is no way to avoid this.

Color: I hope you like purple.

Registration: I had to hassle foxit for my activation code after 3 weeks with no show.

Foxit Phantom Standard PDF - Foxit Blurb

Foxit PhantomPDF Standard builds upon the capabilities of PhantomPDF Express. It enables quick and easy creation of PDF documents, highlighting and annotation capabilities, convert PDF documents to word or convert PDF to image, and functionality to edit text, manipulate PDF pages, and secure sensitive information in PDF documents. Highlighted features that PhantomPDF Standard provides include

Foxit Phantom Standard PDF - Conclusion

After using their free reader for 2 or 3 years when I found my slef in need of a pro pdf package I went to Foxit. I think I would have rather put the $85 towards an adobe alternative like X pro or X standard. In the mean time I am using a combination of pdf creator from source forage for report buinding, and pdf tools free for splitting and editing.

Foxit Phantom Standard PDF - Features
  • XFA Form Filling - XFA (XML Form Architecture) form allows you to leverage existing XFA forms.
  • High Performance - Up to 3 times faster PDF creation from Word, PowerPoint®, and Excel® and over 200 of the most common office file types and convert multiple files to PDF in a single operation.
  • One Click PDF Creation - Creates PDF document with a single mouse click from Microsoft® Office® applications like Word, PowerPoint®, and Excel®.
  • Direct Editing – Modifies PDF document content. Enables you to delete pages, add pages, and assemble a new PDF document.
  • Convert PDF to Word, RTF, HTML, text, and image formats - Easily shares PDF content with other applications, like Microsoft® Office.
  • Robust Document Security - Using password protection, certificate encryption, and digital signature tools.
  • Access Microsoft® Active Directory® Rights Management Service Protected Files - Users providing correct credentials can access AD RMS protected PDF files and display dynamic security watermarks.
  • PDF Form Design - Easy to use electronic forms design tools to make your office forms work harder. Enables you to create or convert static PDF files into professional looking PDF forms. PDF form data import tools allow data to be automatically imported into a form, reducing manual key entering and input errors.
  • PDF Form Action Creation - Tools allow you to custom JavaScript actions to gain increased customization options, you can connect to a database for the purpose of inserting new data, updating information, and deleting database entries.
  • Optical Character Recognition - OCR support to convert scanned or image-based content into selectable and searchable PDF files.
  • Create industry-standard compliant PDFs from any printable file or from the clipboard, PDF/A supported - Since Foxit products are ISO 32000-1 / PDF 1.7 standard compliant, they are compatible with other PDF products, like those from Adobe®.
  • PDF Optimizer - Optimizes PDF document to reduce the file size.
  • Batch Create PDF Documents - Creates PDF documents from multiple files, you can even create from scanner.
  • Security - Validation of digital signatures and encryption with passwords to protect sensitive PDF documents.
  • Convenient Annotation - Inserts comments, highlights, stamps, and more into existing PDF documents.
  • Set Document Information - Helps to archive and search PDFs with ease.
  • Email and Phone Support from Foxit PDF experts - Helps when you need it.
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