Thursday, 24 May 2012

Installing Windows XP on OCZ Revodrive 3

Installing XP on OCZ Revodrive 3


In there obvious infinite wisdom OCZ didn't release a Windows Xp driver for the revodrive 3 . . . or a Vista Driver, in fact it's Windows 7 (Server 2008 / R2) or the high way.

Heres what I tried to try and get the revodrive 3 to work with XP. Now the more learned people reading this blog may laugh but I HAD to try its in my nature.

1 - Revodrive 3 XP Boot Drive - Slip Stream

I used n-lite (which I have successfully used before with SCSI drivers on a XW8000) to slips stream the windows 7 drivers for the revodrive 3 AND the drivers for the revodrive standard (which include XP drivers) in the the install.

This didn't work.

2 - Revodrive 3 XP Storage Drive - GUI driver install.

So disgruntled with the above failure I thought I would try to use the Revodrive 3 for storage with the OS on a standard SATA SSD drive( a waste i know), so I istalled what ever drivers I thought might work (win7 revodrive 3 drivers and XP revodrive drivers). Although XP identifies the PCI SSD as a SCSI storage device, it is (!) in device manager and no drives are visable in storage management, nor does the initilisation wizard pop up.

3 - Revodrive 3 Boot Drive - Windows 7

So in the end I folded and installed windows 7, the drive is fast although for my light usage I am not sure you can notice a difference other than at boot, which is quick.

I was sucked in to the revodrive 3 becuase I found a half price one on amazon for £120 (120GB) and so I plunged in, as it was similar price to an Agility 3 of the same capacity . . . should have gone with the agility 3.

I am now using an operating system I don't really like, with all of the backward compatibility issues that creates, especially for my aging NVS 280 display adapters with windows 7 which thankfully I have crow barred back in to compatibility.

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