Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Plusnet - Broadband from Yorkshire. . . .


OK so I though things were too good to be true, things came apart when we moved house.

On moving house we rang plus net to say as much. And they insisted that there was no phone line at the new house we were moving to. . . . there was a phone line. Plusnet insisted that they needed to send out an engineer to install a line at a cost of £50. So based on this lot of mumbo jumbo we said we'ed cancel and move to BT.

Oh dear. Apparently we told the wrong person that we wanted too cancel, we would have to ring back and que for another half an hour and talk to some one else. Plusnet do not have the ability to communicate within there company it would seem.

So despite telling them we wanted to cancel we received a bill from a debt collection agency around 3 months later, for £277. Thanks a bunch. "Good HONEST broadband from yorkshire"?

Watch your step.

Plusnet Review - Reliability

Yorkshire Pudding, sin-ominous with Yorkshire (although probably manufactured in Italy nowadays) and of course . . . broadband.

Plusnet are quick to mention they are award winning, but in this day and age when you can print your own award using Microsoft publisher, perhaps we need little more than that.

6 months in and my Plusnet package has NEVER missed a beat, from time to time with AOL I used to get a loss of DSL connectivity, for maybe 1/2 hour a month. With Plusnet this does not happen ever.

The phoneline is just as reliable as BT, probably because it is the same phone line!

Plusnet Review - Customer Service

This is the best bit, you can go on Plusnet's contact page and actual find a telephone number, unlike BT's customer service number which takes hours to find, usually off of a third party website.

One set of choices (option 2), and then straight to an operator, who speaks good English . . . in fact wait a flipping minute . . they are English. With a northern accent and everything.

During my one call I managed to;
  1. Find out what was causing a BT line fault.
  2. Add call divert.
  3. Add a Static IP
  4. Upgrade usage allowance from 10 GB to 60GB.
This all took around 10 minutes, and 1 (yes 1) operator did all of it. No passing around to other people what so ever. Thanks David.

Plusnet Review - Price

When I ditched AOL I was paying £17 a month for broadband. With the extras I subscribe to , Plusnet is about the same price perhaps a few pounds more, but the reliability and customer service more than make up for it.

Well done please don't change.

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  1. Plusnet is rubbish, we joined them and three weeks later still have no phone line and no broadband, I telephone 3 times a day and still no help 'we'll do you proud' they say - yeah right

  2. Speak as you find I guess. I have found them to be pretty good, time will tell . . . .

  3. Alll OK until we moved house then then they start playing tricks.