Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Sun Ray 1 and Windows

Sun Ray 1 - Overview

The sun ray is a thin client which you can buy on ebay for £10 / $20 and this made it a tempting buy for someone like me who enjoys experimenting with networking etc. It is dated nowadays and rather large. . but there we are.

Sun Ray 1 - Server 2008 R2

My end goal is to use a copy of server 2008 R2 to run three worksations using 2 x remote desktops (allowed under admin), and one user on the server itself. It would appear that the Sun Ray 1 WILL NOT WORK.

In order to boot the sun ray 1 to a windows desktop you need a server running a Solaris operating system, which then will direct the user to another server or virtual server running windows. I am not a pro and this I suppose will be obvious to some, but it was so obvious no one had written it down on the net, so I have.

Sun Ray 1 - Other Obstacles

Another obstacle is that you need a special kind of keyboard to go with you sun ray even to access the on client menu, "press shift +ops" to enter the config menu . . . . I DON'T have a OPS button.

Sun Ray 1 - Alternatives

If you are trying to boot to windows desktop you might try a HP T5530, with windows CE 5.0, or for that matter any thin client running Windows CE. This will enable you to get on to a remote desktop session on the server fairly easily without advanced tinkering.

If you are feeling brave there are some tweaks you can do to an old / legacy desktop PC get it is boot to a remote desktop which I will explain in my next post.

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