Saturday, 22 December 2012

Disk Brakes Lose Power

Disk Brakes Lose Power - Symptoms

Being new to disk brakes I was a little confused when they lost 99% of the braking power one day without any reason it would seem. You squeeze the brake lever . . but nothing happens. Dangerous. A little. Annoying. Very.

Disk Brakes Lose Power -Causes

disk brakes lose power

Beware when lubricating. It would appear that in my hasty application of lube to chain and rear mech area, I have got lube of the disk / rotor and perhaps the disk brake pads too.

Being of the V brake clan prior to November 2012 I have never paid much attention to the careful application of lube. But with disk brakes you should.

Disk Brakes Lose Power - Cleaning

I tried various methods of cleaning the brake (CMD-8 mechanical disk brake) but in the end it was new pads time. What I tried;

- aceton based cleaner
-washing up liquid
-brake cleaner (automotive)

Non of the above worked. Don't get lubricant on you disk brake pads or rotor / disk. If you do they will lose power and become dangerous / useless.

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