Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Avid BB7 Review

Avid BB7 Review - Introduction

After being rather disappointed with a Clarks CMD-8 disk brake, I decided to buy something half decent, a BB7 for which I have read many a fine review.

In short they are very good, I have the 180mm rotor and the power is excellent. I ride upright, with loaded panniers, and the brake will easily lock the rear wheel, a new experience for me, as my old V-brakes or wimpy CMD-8 would not do this.

Avid BB7 Review - Power

As above very good.

With a little patience the brake will fiit on with racks (tortec transalp rack) and mudguards.

Avid BB7 Review - Setup

Being a bit of a novice with setting up disk brakes I would recommend looking else where for advice on this, just remember to adjust the inner (fixed) pad inwards FIRST, and then the outer. Then do up the bolt to secure the calliper to the adaptor. 

This video is the shortest and best I have come across, thanks HB. BB7 Setup Video

Avid BB7 Review - Price

There is massive variation in price when buying these, some UK stokists are looking for £60+, whilst they can be had from for £37. Good value for a very good bit of kit.

 Avid BB7 Review - More Pics

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Avid BB7
Reviewed by Kermit Green on Jan 16 2013
Rating: 5

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